Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Recalling the Late Soma Muniratne

Dear Philip
It was quite nostalgic reading your book, the copy I received thanks to Daya,it brought back vivid memories of College days,I suppose we Bridgatians were quite loud-spoken (as mentioned by Kappa). Although almost 50 years has passed since we entered for Medicine  reading your book  was quite an experience, a flash back in time. It was interesting to read about your family. My husband Wickrama a Mechanical Engineer is now retired. I still work as a solo GP we Sri Lankan Australians do not seem to retire like our colleagues overseas.
We have a son a Consultant  Nuclear physician & Oncologist he is engaged to a trainee Radiologist. Our daughter is the Legal counsel to a large company  & is married to an Australian, she has gifted us with a delightful granddaughter  our pride &joy.
Regards to you & your family
Soma Muniratne
(General Practitioner, Australia)

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