Sunday, July 15, 2018

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Two group photos of the 1960 Medical entrants, Kynsey Road, Colombo.

1960 Medical entrants batch,
Doctors reunion 2015,
At the
Jetwing Lagoon Hotel, Negombo,

1960 Medical entrants batch,
Doctors reunion 2018,
At the
Jetwing Lagoon Hotel, Negombo,
7/8th July 2018

Friday, July 13, 2018

Some events of the 1960 Batch Medical entrants, Get together.

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1. Arrival and conferance -

2. Poems of our school-days -

3. List of the deceased -

4. Evening/Mane get together -

5. Get together Dances -

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Abou Ben Adam



3:15 AM (2 hours ago)

to me
Dear Phillip,
Thanks for Sharing the Leigh Hunt's  A B A. When I was 9 yrs old, My father gave that Poem to me. I have shared this with Many.. On his grave Stone at St Johns it is quoted. On my Sons Year Book- Graduation I Quoted it. I try my best to live by it.

Aquatic records of the Medical records batch of entrants 1960

email from Gunsie

Dear Assa,
How can you forget that we- University of Ceylon  Swimming, Diving & WaterPolo Team took part in  Kerala in the All Inida University Competition in my time as Captain. Virginia Swan Distinguished herself.
We won the famous Ellawela Water Polo League & the Monotype Relay in 1963. In the Official Photograph even though I was Captain & sitting between the VC Attygala & Handunge- Bernard de Silva some or another got (Captain) marked next to his name ! Must have cost him a bit. Who else would do it.
Yes Swimming is not as as great as Rugger, Basket ball, Cricket etc: But we contributed to our 1960 Batch in our own way.
Fond regards,


5:07 AM (5 minutes ago)