Monday, November 20, 2017

Memories of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka tour videos 

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Landing at Bandaranayake International airport



Train journey Colombo to Badulla
Kandy market

Trincomalee market

Fish sales, Batticaloa

Leaving Bandaranayaka International, Sri Lanka.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Reunion 2018

Dear Nana et al,
Now that you have given an idea of what needs to be done. Give me a little time to see how best I can chip in to help organize the get together.  As has been mentioned the major problems are that most of us are out of circulation and in many cases the children too are not here so the circle of influence is rather limited.
Anyway let’s keep trying.
Asoka D

Asoka Dissanayake

5:40 PM (11 hours ago)

to Charith, Udula, me, Daya, nihal408, M.P.

Reunion 2018

I am so pleased to see the enthusiasm amongst you all for your enthusiasm in organising the next Get Together in 2018.( I am only copying this to a very few but please share these details with any of your mates known to you)

Of the previous veterans, only Kapu is not with us for any active help except in spirit.
As I said earlier, this Get Together would also be a nice way of showing our gratitude to his leadership.

I am also pleased to hear that Asoka ( Dissa) has agreed to take an active role if the meetings are held in Colombo during the week days.
I am also aware the willingness of Lucky Jayasekera, Ranjini Thevarapperuma( I do not have her contact details)  Nalini Rodrigo and Duru amongst many others domiciled in Sri Lanka.
Udula will be in Sri Lanka very soon & she would hopefully contact most of you for further details.

I leave it to you to decide the composition of the ‘Team’.

The most important item would be to decide on  the tentative dates. As indicated earlier, we would never get a consensus but I would suggest we plan for September 2018 preferably a week end preceding or proceeding the COMSAA ReUnion( and avoid  a clash of the dates)
We do need to give adequate notice for those who are willing & keen to participate.

We have not had the opportunity to meet some of the batch mates at any of the past Get Togethers but we are equally optimistic of those who would very likely be willing and keen to join. Numbers may be dwindling but we do have to accept the reality.

A location within 25 mls from Colombo would be attractive and the minimum would be one Saturday/Sunday with facilities to stay the previous night for those who wish.

Getting  a reasonable hotel discount would be great and any sponsorship for some of the expenses if at all possible would be an added bonus.

Those who are domiciled  overseas, could identify ourselves as the contact person(s) to mobilise some of our batch mates from the respective countries and also offer some form of assistance if agreed.

I sincerely hope you would take the initiative without any further delay and wish you very best wishes and every success in your endeavour.

Best wishes


Charith Nanayakkara

Oct 21

to me, M.P., Asoka/Chandra, Jayalath, luckyhb, Udula, M.G.S, Daya, Lalitha

Reunion 2018

Dear Udula..

Thank you.

Organising  a  re union is  no  easy matter.   Among  the  ones remaining  in  the  Paradise,(SL) ,  one  has  to  find  some one   to  play  the  role played  by   Kapu   earlier.

He/She   is  the  leader,  and  constantly  checks  on  what  is  going  on  ,with  his  team.

There  should  be  representatives  from    different  countries  ,UK  ,Aus  ,  NZ  , USA.  etc,who will  collect  information  , coordinate  with  residents  of  their respective  countries. etc.

Then  there  is   one  or  a group   making   arrangements  with  hotels  ,  checking  on availability  of time  &  space,   negotiating  with them to  obtain  concessions  on  meals  etc.etc.

Then  there  should  be  someone     to   look  for  a  music  group  ,  if there is  going to be  a dance    or  live  music  during  the  dinner.   Negotiate   the  price  etc.

If  there  is  going  to be  a  Souvenir  , some one  or   a group  will have  to  plan it.  ,get  it  printed  in  time  etc.

All that  costs  money.    We  are  not  working.   Hence  we  will  not  find  any  sponsors  any  more.

If  there  is  a  photograph  of  the  batch ,  that  will too  have  to  be  arranged.   Who  is  going  to  do  all  this.

If  there is  going to  be  a  variety  entertainment  ,some  one   will have  to  arrange  it.

As  i  said  before,  I  will  attend  to  correspondence  with  our  batch  mates.   That  is  alll I  can  do.

So... it  is  imperative   that  we  find   a full  team  for  the  job.    More  activi ties  mean  more  money!!!! ,,,   Are we  prepared  to  fork  out  all that  in  the  evening  of  our  lives.

We  have  to collectively  decide.

I  am  copying  this  note  to  Philip,  Nana ,Karu , Lucky, Piyaseeli  ,  Karals , Jayalath.

Bye  for  now


Manasara Wedisinghe

Nov 12 (2 days ago)

to pathidus, karu1941, me, luckyhb14, Csn48, lakshmankarall.

Reunion of surgical trainees

At a dinner organized by some of my ex post-graduate trainees in surgery at the NHSL, Colombo on the 12th November 2017. Dinner held at the ‘Chutney’ restaurant, Crescat Hotel, Colombo. All of them in the picture are well respected Consultants. Arrangement in the group photo – Dr. Asoka Wijemanne, Consultant Surgeon GH Kurunegala, Dr. Jagath Rathugamage, Consultant Neuro Surgeon, NHSL, Colombo, Dr. Nissanka Jayawardena, Consultant Surgeon, Wathupitiwala, Dr. Lalith Perera, Consultant Surgeon, NHSL, Colombo, Dr. Murugadas, Consultant Surgeon, GH Kaluthara, Dr. Gamage, Consultant Surgeon, NHSL, Colombo. I was very proud to be with them, recalling olden times.

Friday, November 3, 2017

1st Death Anniversary Dr Sarath Kapuwatte

 - Fondly remembered

Hi Philip 

Please share this with our batch mates.

It is a little over a year that Kapu left his family, his friends and well wishers.
I can still visualise his radiant smile and his warmth towards his batch mates and I cannot but reflect on many of his rare qualities even at this late hour after his 1st Death Anniversary.

Most of us would agree his untiring efforts and organisational skills and without his leadership & Team effort, it was very likely that we would not have had the last 3 batch ReUnions in Sri Lanka.

Even when his health was deteriorating, he was determined to organise the last reunion. Those who attended the last Get Together in June 2015 at Jet Wing Hotel in Negombo would bear testimony to his untiring efforts and how he mobilised his faithful Team to provide that wonderful opportunity for us to meet, greet and gossip as a family.

I remember meeting him at his house in Kandy about a year prior to his death. He was so pleased to see his friends and also told me that every surviving day of his life was an extra bonus as he was told that post operative liver transplant would have a survival rate of 10-15 years maximum ( his surgery was  more than 15 years ago he counted with me)

Kapu was a multi talented colleague who was faithful, helpful and caring. He was so proud to have a dedicated wife and was very proud of his daughters too.

This is reality in life. If any one is born, we can always be certain that death would follow but it is always uncertain when, where and how.

As a mark of respect and to show our gratitude, it would be a fitting tribute( and a challenge)  if we can organise our Reunion in Sri Lanka , once again in September  2018 as I have hinted earlier.

Hi Kapu, I can see you smiling at us from far above.
We all miss you.

Fondly remembered


C. S. Nanayakkara
Kettering , UK.

Charith Nanayakkara

1:29 AM (3 hours ago)

to me, Asoka/Chandra, Udula, M.P., Durumila, luckyhb, M.G.S, Lalitha, Keerthi/Sriyan., Daya, Derryck

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Recalling old days

E.mail responses to the 'Resurruction' series written by me
Dr.Tissa Kappagoda, e.mailed on 22/6/2006
This is so vivid. I have spent the best part of thirty years chasing Claude Bernard and his internal environment!  This was the topic of the oration I gave earlier this year at the SLMA.  Professor Koch's lectures were exactly as you described them.   Their significance dawned on me 10 years later when I started doing research in Leeds.  Things went the full circle for me when I was invited by the Physiologists in Colombo to deliver his memorial lecture.  Professor Basnayake was in the audience and he came up to me before the lecture and asked me if I remembered him!  How could one forget these people?
 Best wishes,

My overwhelming impression of Professor Basnayake was his sense of kindness.  In many ways one felt that it was genuine reflection of the man himself and how he viewed his place in the world.  Around 1989 I was visiting my parents in Kandy and someone suggested that I give a lecture  to the Department of Physiology in Peradeniya.  After my presentation, Professor Basnayake offered to give me a lift to my parents' home in Kandy. As we left the Department and headed to his car he suddenly excused himself and rushed back to re-position a saucer which was by the door of the building.  I noticed that it contained some colorless liquid and as we moved away I asked him what he was doing with it. I was thinking in terms of a physiological experiment. "It's the ants," was all he said and we moved on to other topics.  Much later I mentioned this to a friend at Peradeniya who smiled and said, "That's Bassa for you!"  According to my friend Professor Basnayake was moving the saucer which contained some sugary liquid to a spot where the ants could get better access to it.  Although I cannot vouch for the accuracy of his interpretation, it is conceivable that his concern extended to more than humans and puppies......