Friday, May 25, 2018

Reunion 2018 July e mails

Suggested list of songs
asoka dissanayake
9:25 AM (21 hours ago)
to Manasara, Piyaseeli, me, Jayalath
We could either publish the whole list or reduce the number to 25. Is there a need to print the Sinhala songs in both English phonetics and Sinhala?
The 2010 song book does not do so for the Tamil songs
Asoka D.
Piyaseeli Wedisinghe
11:26 AM (19 hours ago)
to Asoka, Manasara, me, Jayalath
In my opinion having about 15 of English & 15 of a combination of sinhala and tamil will be good.We will be able to sing a few by popular choice.
The majority who sing speak sinhalese  hence the need to actually sound the sinhala words as they are.The English phonetics does not convey the correct sound some times as singing is different to speaking, hence the need for the sinhala words. The english voweis a & e dont always convey the actual sound needed. This means it is costly to photocopy or print.

The majority cannot sing a tune to pitch and rhythm properly.

Arranging the Day Programme.
Manasara Wedisinghe
May 24 (2 days ago)
to Asoka, de, Jayalath, Lukshman, Karunanayaka, Lucky, me, Piyaseeli, Udula

Dear Group leaders.

I  would  like  to  pose  the  question to  you  all ,  whether we need  to  have  a “Clinical Meeting “    at  the   Re Union.

Many of  our  batch  mates  are  not  working  any  more  Any  clinical work  , to  me  is  irrelevant  and  a  waste  of  time.

Besides  ,  we  may  be  able  to  listen  to   some one  ,  or  watch  an  interesting  presentation   on   Nature ,   or  Wild Life  ,  Birds  etc. ,  with  better use of  the  time  available.

If  any  of  our  batch mates  visiting  , need  an  attendance  certificate, to  prove  their  participation ,  that  can  be  provided.

We  will  spend  more  time  chatting  up  about  our   life  in  the  Med School  , and  thereafter.  Humour  is  the  key  word.

We  may  be  able  to  introduce   a  Traditional  Dance  item  ,  or  any  such  activity too  to  the  programme.

Please  write  back  your  views  and  suggestions.



Charith Nanayakkara
2:02 PM (16 hours ago)
to Manasara, Asoka, Jayalath, Lukshman, Karunanayaka, Lucky, me, Piyaseeli, Udula
Dear  Wedi

At the outset, Can I offer my sincere thanks to you and your dedicated ‘local Team,’ for your continuing efforts to make this ReUnion a great success once again.
What matters most is how  the attendees would feel the importance & usefulness of such a reunion in spite of their advancing ages( still young at heart), personal and family commitments, inconvenience of long haul flights etc.

They need to feel it was such a memorable opportunity and they all feel it was fully worthwhile.
You are absolutely correct to say this is a reunion to meet & greet and reflect on all the happy( & occasional unhappy) occasions and engage in good old gossip, resolving any misunderstandings and misgivings, apologising to all bad pranks you did to others etc.

Some may be more intimate and more friendly and enjoy these get togethers and already in regular circles but others may be silent observers. They all could and should rekindle the amazing moments of 5 long and harrowing years of boring lectures, useless practicals trying to store useless lecture notes in shrunken brains with little success etc.

We know that you cannot please everyone all the time but let’s try our best.
I agree the need for a clinical/academic session appears superfluous  and out of place, but if any one needs attendance certificates, give them one to satisfy their needs.

We can only offer our best wishes for all your efforts once again.



Charith Sena  Nanayakkara

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