Monday, September 4, 2017

Escapades of Geri

  I came to know Geri Jayasekera  when I was at Eye Hospital and 
used to go to Regent House for my meals. Geri was Prison MO. He used 
to let our yarns to newly appointed interns- that he  had stressful 
times at Welikade. He had to be present at the executions, and when 
that was over,   his duty was to perform CPR and try to revive the 
He was my bestman when I married Ranji. About 20 years ago he came to 
Sydney and Newcastle along with about 10 other professors to observe 
our teaching methods. He visited us  along with the other 10 profs, 
and they were surprised to see my wedding photo with Geri as the 

Freddo Benjamin

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