Saturday, December 2, 2017

1960 entrants Battch Reunion, 2018.

Manasara Wedisinghe
5:40 PM (12 hours ago)

to Bernard, Abeyathunga.La., Amarathunga, Ariyasinghe, Arulambalam.Ka., Asoka, Balakrishnan, Balasundaram, Chitra, Das.V.Purushot., De, De, De, De, De, De, De, Dissanayaka.Ti., Dissanayake, Fernando.W.T, Fernndo, Derek, Ganeshamoorti.A, Victor, Gnanasingham.G.
Notice of a Re-Union of Medical Batch 1960
Scheduled on  7th July 2018.

Dear  Batch mates.

We are glad to announce , the formation of a Group , with the intention of organizing  another  Re Union of our   Batch mates  in July 2018.
The  Group  consists of Lakshman Karalliedda , Asoka  Dissanayaka ,Jayalth de Silva ,Lucky Jayasekara  ,Udula Pathirana, Piyaseeli Wedisinghe , with  guidance  from Philip Veerasingam   and,  me , Mana Wedisinghe  ,working  as the  main communicator.   
There are  others , , supporting  us  such  as   Nana  and Karu  from UK ,  and  Chitra de S   from Australia.
We  have  drawn up  a simple  ,  one  day  programme  for  the   event.  The venue  is  not yet  decided.

9.00  am               Register  
                               Meet &  Greet
10.30                     Tea.
1.00 p.m              Lunch
4.00 pm                Tea

7.30 pm                Light music  / Entertainment.
8.00 pm                Dinner
9.00 pm               Dance.

Note.*    Those  who  take  part  in  the  day  programme  will  leave  after  evening  tea.
 Those  who stay  in  the  Hotel  ,  leave  after    Breakfast  the  next  day.

We would  appreciate  very  much , if  you will let us know ,  by email ,  your   intention to  participate    in this  event  or   not ,   by the end of   December 2017.

Mana Wedisinghe -   for  the  Group

Charith Nanayakkara
to Manasara, Asoka, Chitra, Jayalath, Lukshman, Karu, Lucky, me
Hi Wedi

Thank you for all your efforts and it would be advisable that the flyer is sent out soon to all contacts in our batch.

Karu & I checked the draft flyer and we spotted few Topo errors which needs correcting:
a.  Jayalth should read as Jayalath 

b. Me should read as I 

c.    Register should read as Registration 

Few comments ;

1:  Do you need to explain that those who register for the day would get lunch and evening tea for the package ?

2. You have included few names from UK & Australia , it would be nice to add a name or two from USA as well?

3.  You could add at the end;   Please share this with all your batch mates in case we have not included their emails.
We would also appreciate if you could kindly send the current email addresses of any of the batch mates we may have inadvertently missed out.

We believe you should be able to get  most of the email contact details from Philip for sending out the flyer.

Once the flyer is sent out, we could communicate with our batch mates domicile in UK to promote their attendance and promote the event as much as we could. We could also update you with the current emails if they have not been updated in your list.

Best wishes to everyone in the A Team.


Nana & Karu

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