Sunday, April 15, 2018

Departed Batch-mates

Collecting data on departed friends.


Nihal Gooneratne

12:08 AM (5 hours ago)

to Manasara, me
Hi Wedi:
             When you say batch of 1960 does it not mean all who entered medical school in 1960. So shouldn’t Gonsaga  be included even if he graduated much later.  On the contrary Rasalingam and Pameswaran Kandiah entered medical before 1960.
Yes, he failed the 2nd MB and fell back. He did finally graduate. I spoke to Sarath Hemachandra  and H.P Gunawardana and they remember him well. Gonsaga was a very low key guy. He sat next to me in the Physiology lecture theater.  I am 100% sure of him. I understand some  may  not be  remembering him because it is well over 55 yrs since we entered medical school. His name should be added to the departed list.

From: Manasara Wedisinghe []
Sent: Sunday, April 15, 2018 11:03 AM
To: Nihal Gooneratne
Subject: Re: Collecting data on departed friends.

Dear Nihal.
The  information  gathered  so  far  of  Gonsaga  is  that  he  fell  back  and  joined  the  junior  batch  at   third  MB  level.
It  is  not  clear  whether  he finally   qualified  with  others  that  batch ?
However  ,  people  in  1967  batc  do  not  remeber  his  name !
That  is  all  the  info  available.
Bye  for  now.

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  1. I,remember Gonsaga very well.He was at Kityakara hostel and passed out in 1966 or later.He was DMO Nochchiyagama,when I was at OPD,Anuradhapura in 1968-1970.I have seen patients coming to Anuradhapura from Nochchiyaga(transferred for Specialist treatment)
    Later,in his life,he worked as An Associate in AEor orthopaedics in Wales(this information is from a third party).He has a son who is a doctor in UK.