Friday, October 28, 2016

Recollections of Sarath Kapuwatte

 Our Recollections of Sarath

Dear Batchmates,

We were so sad to receive the news of our dear friend Sarath’s untimely death.  Whilst in Sri Lanka in October this year we managed to speak to Sarath and we ended the conversation with Sarath wishing us both all the best.  He was his usual self.

Sarath was such a good friend to us over many years.  During our medical school days I (Sidney) enjoyed many memorable excursions - a day out at the Dehiwela zoo to commemorate the release of bottled toddy with many of our batch mates (Rama et al) are treasured memories of our “wild days”.  His hospitality to us whenever we returned to Kandy over the years was one highlighted by the adulation of the staff “for our mahathya”.  It was a measure of Sarath, one “who moved with kings but did not lose the common touch”.  Such was the man, and all of us who knew him were privileged to call him “a friend”.  He had the amazing ability to harness the talents and organise the batch reunions.  It is something we will be eternally grateful and treasure.  He, Philip, Duru, Nala and others worked tirelessly every time we had a reunion to make it memorable.  The last reunion in June 2015 will always remain indelible in our memory.  Sarath was in good form and it was so good to have shared that time together.  It felt like a reunion of a big family.

To Kanthi and the children, take pride in the knowledge that the one you loved was also loved by many.  He lived his life to the fullest, sharing his life with the patients and the Rugby family in Kandy.  We thank you for allowing him to be the person he was and the devoted care you gave him right to very end.  May he rest in peace and attain Nirvana.

Sidney and Pearl


Charith Sena  Nanayakkara
Dr R.D.D. de Silva 
21:36 (6 hours ago)

to me
Dear Friends,  Our dear dear dear Friend Sarath !
It is with a very very heavy heart that I write this mail to you all. I was dewastated with the news, although he did tell me about it at our last get to gather. I did not however expect it so soon.
He was a very close friend of mine as he no doubt to many of you all too. He never had a bad word for anyone:  he always had an open ear for any of us, and he was always friendly and helpful. For this he had mountains of friends.
He was of immense help in organising the medical exhibition, in organising the visit of the British Council medical students and for so many other innumerable MSU activities including the final year trip. I do not have to mention the organising, with others, of the many get to gathers.  He was only a few of a kind.
I will, as you all will, sorely miss him.
I extend my very sincere sympathies to his loving wife and his daughters and sons-in- law.
Dear Kapuwa, you will be very sadly missed by all of us.
May you attain Nibbana.
Goodbye dear friend,
Derryck and no doubt all of us?

Arjuna Ponnambalam
4:06 PM (2 hours ago)
to me
Dear Philip,
                  Just watched the video from Kapu's funeral on the batch web site. Brought me to tears remembering the close friendships we all have had from med school days. 
                   Just a special thank you to you for all your efforts in keeping us in contact & informed over the years.
                                    God Bless you & yours.
                                                                            Chandran P

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