Saturday, October 14, 2017

Obituary S. K. Alwis

12:46 AM (7 hours ago)

I have been informed by Chandran Ponna, that S.K Alwis passed away in Ohio.
You may have heard already. He was a gentleman, mild mannered. I have fond memories of him.
He was with me at Royal & Medical College.
Jey/ Gunsie

Hi Philip

It is likely that Jey/ Gunsey May have got a mix up re the death of S.K.Alwis who had died in Ohio and a class mate of his.

The photo you may have  added inadvertently is of one of our batch mates- K.H. Alwis who died in June 2017 in UK.


Thanks Nana for the correction and new information of one of our batch-mates.

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