Sunday, July 8, 2018

Aquatic records of the Medical records batch of entrants 1960

email from Gunsie

Dear Assa,
How can you forget that we- University of Ceylon  Swimming, Diving & WaterPolo Team took part in  Kerala in the All Inida University Competition in my time as Captain. Virginia Swan Distinguished herself.
We won the famous Ellawela Water Polo League & the Monotype Relay in 1963. In the Official Photograph even though I was Captain & sitting between the VC Attygala & Handunge- Bernard de Silva some or another got (Captain) marked next to his name ! Must have cost him a bit. Who else would do it.
Yes Swimming is not as as great as Rugger, Basket ball, Cricket etc: But we contributed to our 1960 Batch in our own way.
Fond regards,


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