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Obituary - Kamala Ediriweera nee Meththananda

Message received by phone from Mana Wedisinghe:-

Kamala  Ediriweera nee Meththananda expired today 3rd August 2017, in the morning. Funeral tomorrow at 10 am at Thalhena Cemetery, Malabe.
Kamala was  a resident at 'Sixty Plus' Elders Home run by the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress at Pittugala on the Malabe - Kaduwela road.
They had donated a building in Memory of their father, Mr.L.H. Meththananda, former Principal Ananda College, Colombo, to the 'Sixty Plus' Elders Home at Pittugala.

May she attain the supreme bliss of Nibbana.

Charith Nanayakkara commented on your blog post
Another of our lovely batch mates has departed. Our deepest sympathies and heart felt condolences Nana C.S.Nanayakkara

Obituary - Kamala Ediriweera nee Meththananda

Dr Kamaladevi Ediriwira  ( nee  Mettananda).            
 An  appreciation.

News  of the  demise  of   Kamaladevi  Ediriwira  , on 3rd  August  2017  ,  did  not come  as  a  surprise to many of us ,  as  we  knew  that she  had been  bearing  for  well over  ten years ,  with   fortitude  and  courage ,  a  chronic  degenerative disorder ,   devotedly  assisted ,  and constantly looked  after  by  her  beloved  husband   , Tilak .
  Despite  her   physical   disabilities ,  she  never  failed  to  attend  our  Medical  Batch  meetings , always  accompanied by  Tilak ,  until  2011.   We appreciate that very much.

Kamala  ,  as she  was  popularly  known,  was  one  of  the last  girls  to  enter  the   University  of  Ceylon ,  Colombo    in  the  Medical  stream  from Ananda  College  , Colombo .
Having  graduated  from  Colombo  Medical  School, she  worked  at  General  Hospital , Galle , in  1966 as  an  Interne  Medical  Officer.   
Thereafter ,  she  worked  at  Colombo  South  Hospital  ,  Colombo  General  Hospital  , and  General Hospital ,Kalutara   until   1975.
In  1975    she  left  for  Post  Graduate  education  in  Anaesthesiology  in  London  , where  she  remained  till  1981.
After  she  returned  to   Sri Lanka  ,  she  worked  at   the  Asiri  Hospital  ,Colombo ,  mainly  in  the   out  patient   department,  from  1987   to  1998.
She  was  the  University  Medical  Officer  of  the    Open  University   Nugegoda   from   2000  to  2006.
Her colleagues  describe  her  as  a very friendly person  ,  calm and  collected  ,    who always  had  a  kind  word  for them.

Besides  her  medical duties  , she   took  a  keen interest   in  the  activities  of   the  All Ceylon  Womens  Buddhist  Congress  (ACWBC),   functioning  there  as   a  Committee  Member,  from   1986   to  2006 ,and  also  in  the  organization  known   as  SUCCESS   ,  around  the  same  period.
She  married    Mr  Tilak  Ediriwira   ,   in     1971.
Last  few  years  of  her  life   ,   was  spent,    along  with  Tilak ,    at  a  facility  , run  by   the   All Ceylon Buddhist  Congress (ACBC),   at Pittugala ,   Kaduwela. .     Within   that   compound  ,   they  built  a   large  complex  of  twelve   rooms  , at a cost of   an  enormous  amount of money  ,     using  the     proceeds  of  sale   of  their  house  in  Colombo.      The  beautiful structure   they   built    was  donated to  the  ACBC , in  memory  of   her    father,    late         Mr  L.H.Mettananda     ,  for  the  purpose  of  using  it  as   a  hostel  for  the  elderly.   
Lately  ,     they  occupied  a  room  of  this  building  until  her  demise..
We wish that her journey  through  Sansara  be  short,  and  may  she   attain  the  supreme  bliss of  Nibbana.

Piyaseeli  and   Mana  Wedisinghe.

Gallege De Silva

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to me
Sad to hear of the loss of another lovely batchmate.Our deepest sympathies to her devoted husband. May she attain nibbana.
Chitra and GU.

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Charith Nanayakkara

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Thank you Piyaseeli & Wedi for the nice appreciation of (Late Kamala) .
You have covered most the 'essentials ' about Kamala. 
I last met Kamala ( along with her devoted husband Tilak) during our batch reunion in 2010 at Habarana. Both of them joined few of us in a excursion to Polonnaruwa. 
In spite of her physical disability and being in a wheel chair, she was full of hope and positive. She was an inspiration to all of us and we all admired her efforts to be together as a very friendly and a close batch mate.

Donation of the purpose built 'House for the Elders' to be administered by Buddhist Congress, in memory of her beloved father ( late Ananda Principal) where she finally took her last breath tells us of her philosophical outlook and purity of her mind.
May she attain the eternal bliss of Nibhbhana.

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