Thursday, August 10, 2017

The taxi ride

There was a meeting of the executive committee of a trade union in Colombo. The discussion of problems went far into the night. This was followed by some beer and short eats. Sleepy and drowsy, one of the representatives from Galle got up to leave. He stopped a taxi and told the driver to take him to the Galle bus stand. When he awoke from his slumber he sensed the car speeding along a road by the sea-shore. It did not take long for him to surmise that the high-way he was being driven on was on the apprioches to Galle town which was about 50 miles from Colombo. It did not take long for him to realize that the taxi driver had mistaken his instructions as to proceed to Galle and not to the bus stand in Colombo where the buses to Galle took off. He only had a bus fare to Galle. The taxi fare would cost him a packet. Just outside Galle town was the Dadella cemetery. When the taxi approached this place he requested the driver to stop outside the gate of the cemetery as he wanted to pass urine. The taxi stopped and the passenger got outside and went into the cemetery grounds and hid behind a tomb as far away from the road as possible.
          The driver waited for some-time, the got down from the car. He came walking briskly through the gate and got his first sight of the tombs. He was petrified. A minute later he ran back to the car closed the door in a hurry, started the engine. He did a three point turn and was seen heading back to Colombo and civilization at high speed. The passenger took his own cool time, came out through the gates and went back to his home in Galle walking along the darkened byways.

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