Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Retold tales of the Medical Entrants 1960 batch, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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I will start off with one:-

The Circumcision
It was the days of the final year clinical examinations. The General Hospital, Colombo was made out of bounds to medical students, during this period. The idea was to prevent medical students seeing and examining cases in the wards on which the final year candidates would be examined.
Two of our batch-mates, very good friends, took a decision to undergo circumcision on themselves. They chose this period of 'out of bounds' to get this done by Dr. Misso, the Consultant Surgeon. They wanted to avoid the embarrassment of  the girls in the batch, coming to know of this surgical procedure on them.
The surgery was done on them in the morning. They expected to have a good nights sleep. Lying down in adjacently allocated beds in Dr. Misso's male ward. They had pulled the screens around the bed and since it was a hot night, had divested their clothes and were lying stark naked on their beds and were fast asleep with the post-op sedation.
In the meantime a group of our batch-mates, who had been clerking with Prof. Navaratne, had been doing night duty on surgical casualty. Their duties included recording the blood pressures of various post-op patients.
A wag in the batch had rung up the casualty and requested a medical student to record the blood pressure on a patient in ward one, bed six.Two female batch mates had voluteered to do it. They had gone to the ward, taken the sphygmomanometer from the nurses desk and approached the curtained off bed six. With a very professional air they ignored the nudity of the sleeeping patient. As one of the female medical students, lifted the sleeping patient's arm to put the Blood pressure cuff on, the naked patient awoke. It took only a moment for the medical students to recognise each other. The female medical students made a shout, dropped the blood pressure apparatus and ran away from the ward.
It was a tale retold many a time subsequently.

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