Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tale told to us by Geri

The man in the mosquito net.
                An academic friend of mine had an uncle who had his own ways of solving problems in life. His house had a menace of mosquitos all times of the day and night. This had got worse, with the culture of throw-away plastic wrappings. These were an ideal receptacle for rain water, which collected here and were ideal breeding grounds for mosquitos. The menace of the mosquitos was worse at night just as he was falling asleep. The jet like buzz of mosquitos near his ear, were the worst to bear.
                This gentleman used to sleep under a mosquito net which had seen better days. There were holes in the nets here and there and the mosquitos would get into the net after he went to sleep and start tormenting him. This was worse in the early part of the night. He devised a plan. He would get under the net with the holes and wait there. About a half an hour was sufficient to get hoardes of mosquitos going through the holes in the net to attack him. At the end of half an hour he would quietly lift a side of the net and slip out. The mosquitos trapped inside the net were easily killed by squashing the net. Then he would sleep outside with a lesser number of mosquitos left alive in the room whose doors and windows were already closed. He swore that this way the mosquito disturbance to his sleep was minimized.

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