Friday, November 3, 2017

1st Death Anniversary Dr Sarath Kapuwatte

 - Fondly remembered

Hi Philip 

Please share this with our batch mates.

It is a little over a year that Kapu left his family, his friends and well wishers.
I can still visualise his radiant smile and his warmth towards his batch mates and I cannot but reflect on many of his rare qualities even at this late hour after his 1st Death Anniversary.

Most of us would agree his untiring efforts and organisational skills and without his leadership & Team effort, it was very likely that we would not have had the last 3 batch ReUnions in Sri Lanka.

Even when his health was deteriorating, he was determined to organise the last reunion. Those who attended the last Get Together in June 2015 at Jet Wing Hotel in Negombo would bear testimony to his untiring efforts and how he mobilised his faithful Team to provide that wonderful opportunity for us to meet, greet and gossip as a family.

I remember meeting him at his house in Kandy about a year prior to his death. He was so pleased to see his friends and also told me that every surviving day of his life was an extra bonus as he was told that post operative liver transplant would have a survival rate of 10-15 years maximum ( his surgery was  more than 15 years ago he counted with me)

Kapu was a multi talented colleague who was faithful, helpful and caring. He was so proud to have a dedicated wife and was very proud of his daughters too.

This is reality in life. If any one is born, we can always be certain that death would follow but it is always uncertain when, where and how.

As a mark of respect and to show our gratitude, it would be a fitting tribute( and a challenge)  if we can organise our Reunion in Sri Lanka , once again in September  2018 as I have hinted earlier.

Hi Kapu, I can see you smiling at us from far above.
We all miss you.

Fondly remembered


C. S. Nanayakkara
Kettering , UK.

Charith Nanayakkara

1:29 AM (3 hours ago)

to me, Asoka/Chandra, Udula, M.P., Durumila, luckyhb, M.G.S, Lalitha, Keerthi/Sriyan., Daya, Derryck

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