Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Reunion 2018

Hello  friends.
We have  finally settled down to form a  Group to start work on  a  Re Union   in 2018.
The Group  is  led  by  Karals  , Asoka  Dissanayaka ,Lucky Jayasekara  and  Piyaseeli Wedisinghe.
Main  adviser , (legal  and  illegal  ), will be Philip.
They will be  ably assisted by  Jayalath de S   ,as  finance   manager ,( when finances  come into play),   and   me ,  (wedi ),   signing  in as  communicator , correspondent  ,spokes person  ,IT person  etc  etc when indicated.
All agreed to  set  the  date  for  the  meeting   as  1st week end  of  July.    That  will be  Saturday  the  7th.
It  will be  a  one  day affair,  with minimal activities.    Meet & Greet  around 9.00 am  ,welcome  drink  , tea + short eats    followed by  Lunch  around  1.30 pm.
There will be  tea  again around  4.00 pm.    Those  who are  participating  for  the  day only   ,may  decide   to  leave  there after.
There  may be  a  Musical evening  around 7.00  pm    followed by  Dinner.    DANCE  may be possible  on demand /  finances. Etc.   
Those  who  stay in  the  hotel  may  leave   after  B’fast  next  morning.
This is  only  a  tentative  programme.
Then , we have  decided to write  to  a  few  selected  individuals  , residing  in different  countries  to  collect  e mail addresses  of  our  batch mates living  in  their countries ,  and  forward  them  to  us,  as soon   as  possible. These special  ones  will also  have  to coordinate with us in future activities connected  with  the  Re Union.
Our  current   e  mail address book is   out dated.
If  there  are  less  than  50    batch mates  willing  to  participate ,   we will   NOT  organize  the  event.
Any comments  from  you  will be  appreciated,  before  I  write  to  the   rest  of  membership.

Hi Wedi and all others in the Group,
Million congratulations. We will do what ever we can to help. Date suits me well as I have been thinking of coming end of June ( Kumi’s first death anniversary).
Regards to all,

Manasara Wedisinghe

5:26 PM (11 hours ago)

Philip Veersingam
Excellent start Wedi & Piyaseeli. Philip Virus-free.
6:12 PM (11 hours ago)


10:33 PM (6 hours ago)

to Manasara, me, Jayalath, Piyaseeli, Lakshman, luckyhb14, asokadissanaya., pathidus, Charith, nihalgee

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