Tuesday, November 28, 2017

E mail addresses of Batch mates

                                                                                28th Nov 2017.

U.S.A.      Group.
Palitha.V ,H.Piyasena , Suneetha .P  , Hema de S.  ;  H.P.G ,
Nihal . G ,  Viji.S  ;  Lalith.Shanthie F  ,  Gunasekaram.J
Dear  friends.

May I  first   offer  the  Seasonal Greetings  to  one  and  all.

I am  writing  on behalf  of  a  Group ,  consisting  of  Jayalath de S,   Lucky J , Philp V .  Karals , Asoka D  ,
Piyaseeli W  , Udula P  , and   Chitra de S  , formed  for  the  purpose  of  organizing  a  meeting  in 2018.

Our  intension is  to  have  a  Batch Re Union  ,  in July  2018 ,  tentatively  fixed  for  7th ..

If  there is a    demand  for a Re Union  ,  in sufficient numbers ,    from  our   batch mates   ,   we  will   try   to make it happen.

Could  you please, take the  trouble to  discuss  among  yourselves  ,if necessary ,and  make  a list of  the  e  mail addresses  of those  living  in  U.S.A   and submit it to  me  at  your  earliest convenience.   The  available list  with us  seem outdated.

Please  send  as few  lists as possible  ,  to  make  matters  easy  for  me to sort out at  this  end.
Please use  the   e  mail address  given  below.   
 It  is  created  only  for use   in   Re Union  matters.

E mail address:          2018reunionmedbatch1960@gmail.com

Thank you.
Mana Wedisinghe  -        for the  Group

Manasara Wedisinghe

11:09 PM (5 hours ago)

to bvidana, hpiyasena, 2docs, pratnayaka98, wsfernan, Gunsie, hpguna, nihalgee, bcc: me

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