Monday, November 13, 2017

Reunion 2018

I am so pleased to see the enthusiasm amongst you all for your enthusiasm in organising the next Get Together in 2018.( I am only copying this to a very few but please share these details with any of your mates known to you)

Of the previous veterans, only Kapu is not with us for any active help except in spirit.
As I said earlier, this Get Together would also be a nice way of showing our gratitude to his leadership.

I am also pleased to hear that Asoka ( Dissa) has agreed to take an active role if the meetings are held in Colombo during the week days.
I am also aware the willingness of Lucky Jayasekera, Ranjini Thevarapperuma( I do not have her contact details)  Nalini Rodrigo and Duru amongst many others domiciled in Sri Lanka.
Udula will be in Sri Lanka very soon & she would hopefully contact most of you for further details.

I leave it to you to decide the composition of the ‘Team’.

The most important item would be to decide on  the tentative dates. As indicated earlier, we would never get a consensus but I would suggest we plan for September 2018 preferably a week end preceding or proceeding the COMSAA ReUnion( and avoid  a clash of the dates)
We do need to give adequate notice for those who are willing & keen to participate.

We have not had the opportunity to meet some of the batch mates at any of the past Get Togethers but we are equally optimistic of those who would very likely be willing and keen to join. Numbers may be dwindling but we do have to accept the reality.

A location within 25 mls from Colombo would be attractive and the minimum would be one Saturday/Sunday with facilities to stay the previous night for those who wish.

Getting  a reasonable hotel discount would be great and any sponsorship for some of the expenses if at all possible would be an added bonus.

Those who are domiciled  overseas, could identify ourselves as the contact person(s) to mobilise some of our batch mates from the respective countries and also offer some form of assistance if agreed.

I sincerely hope you would take the initiative without any further delay and wish you very best wishes and every success in your endeavour.

Best wishes


Charith Nanayakkara

Oct 21

to me, M.P., Asoka/Chandra, Jayalath, luckyhb, Udula, M.G.S, Daya, Lalitha

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