Friday, February 2, 2018

Batch Re-Union 7th July 2018

Batch Re-Union 7th July 2018


Charith Nanayakkara

2:00 PM (2 hours ago)

to Manasara, Arjuna, Asoka, De, De, De, Dissanayake, Victor, Christie, Gunasegaram, Gunawardana, Hemachandra, Jayalath, Lukshman, Karunanayaka, Kasturiratne.T, Lucky, Makuloluwa, N.H.B, Nihal, me, Chandra, Piyasena, Priya, Reid
Thanks Wedi for your efforts to spread the relevant updates and progress of the planned Reunion.

You do need active support from your team and we can also support your efforts by responding to your updates, sharing with others who may not be on the correct e mails, encouraging others who are still unsure etc.

You will need the numbers of as the numbers matter to get a better deal.

Best wishes


Charith Sena  Nanayakkara

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