Sunday, July 2, 2017

Elephantiasis of the scrotum

Man with 120lb scrotum has 'successful' surgery to remove the growth

Dan Maurer, from Battle Creek, Michigan, suffers from scrotal lymphedema - an condition that caused one of his testicles to become abnormally large.
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18 September 2014

Surgery for an enlarged scrotum  was the commonest surgical procedure in the Colombo General Hospital during our medical student days, in the early 1960s. I would like to recall two memorable stories related to Hydrocoels.

1. Prof Milroy Paul related how when he was serving with the Medical Corps in the British army in the Middle East, they would conduct clinics in tents. 'One day a man came into the tent pushing a covered wheel-barrow before him. When asked why he  came into the tent he lifted the cloth covering the wheel barrow and his whole enlarged scrotum accommodated in the wheel barrow was displayed. This was how huge an enlargement of scrotum could get' said the Professor.

2. Dr. G.N. Perera FRCS was appointed the first Genito-Urinary Surgeon at the GH Colombo in the early 1960s. Surgery for hydrocoel was the 'bread and butter' surgery for the General Surgeons and filled their 'Private-Practice' bringing in the shekels. Dr. G.N. Perera started doing surgery for hydrocoeles. The General Surgeons objected to this intrusion into their field. They complained to the Director of Health Services who sent a letter asking why Dr G.N.Perera was operating on Hydrocoeles, which was a field for the General Surgeons. Dr. G.N.Perera replied ' Ever since I was a young boy, my Grand-mother told me that what was between my upper thighs was my genitals. Since I am designated a Genito-Urinary Surgeon I assert that this is my field'

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