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Rasamuththaiah's funeral


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Thanks Pearl & Sidney for sharing.
A very fitting tribute to a fond farewell.
Ras was a wonderful colleague indeed.

Ras would have been watching the entire proceedings with a radiant smile and I could hear his words'-thank you machan' .
The 6 batch reps look so smart & youthful.
We can only share our sincere thoughts.
May both of them Rest in Peace.



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On 14 Jul 2017
Dear All,
& Sidney & I attended Ras’s funeral today. The Hindu ceremony was conducted in the morning & the crematorium service was at 1pm. It really was a reverent & fond farewell to Ras. There were well over 150 people & the service was conducted by Betty’s brother the local Catholic vicar. Sati Ariyanayagam gave an appreciation on Ras which was delivered with reverence & gratitude. Rachel form the UK Sri Lanka Trauma Group also gave an appreciation of all that Ras had done over many decades to bring peace & solace to the many of our fellow country men & women through the years of conflict & strife in our motherland.
& As many of you know by now Betty died a few weeks ago & the funeral was held on 13th June. Ras went missing a few days after Betty’s death & was found in the local Park. The cause of death was natural causes. Betty’s 2 sons Shaemus & Shaun had to mange the funeral of their Mother & Ras's within a few weeks of each other. Rasieka Jayatunge had been a great support to them.The SLMDA were there in full force & organised the wake at the church hall where Betty’s brother worked. It was a delicious cooked lunch which was shared by 150 or so. From our batch there were 6 of us in all. Anula had worked closely with Ras on the UK Sri Lanka Trauma group & had attended Betty’s funeral too. We were able to capture our group in this group photo & were able to share some time together.
> For Sidney & I Ras has always been a good friend. In all our meetings, Conferences in the UK or abroad & social events he & Betty were good fun, excellent company & always willing to help the events run smoothly & successfully. It is sad that both of them passed away within a few days of each other but that may also tell us something about their bond & love. May they both rest in peace. They were lovely people. I was able to speak to both Sons as I had met them many years ago as little boys accompanying Ras & Betty. The fund set up is still open and contributions are welcome. Punchi & Sati are managing it. Hope you are well & look forward to our reunion next year. Love & Best Wishes Sidney & Pearl

 Philip, Please forward to others as I am sending to addresses I had!!
 Dear Pearl

Many thanks for mentioning the funds to those who may not have known about it.

I am resending the account details for the benefit of those who may wish to contribute:

Name: Instant Saver
Account 46516409
Sort code:60 13 10
Branch: Natwest Lewisham
As it is an exclusive account opened for the purpose of the fund, there is no need to add my name( many banks restrict the number of characters)  save for a reference with the payee’s name so that I can identify the donor.

Many thanks to those who have already contributed. I will arrange for an acknowledgement to be forwarded to the contributors in due course.




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Dear Pearl,

Thank you for this wonderful piece of writing. I think you captured all that was beautiful about the funeral. I felt proud to be a Sri Lankan. I also felt that Rasa was looking down on the proceedings with an approving nod and a his usual beautiful smile.

The Eulogy Sati delivered was exceptional. Put simply, quite the best I had heard anywhere. He captured Rasa's early life, time spent in Med. School and the very fulfilling time spent as a Medic with the support of his soul mate Betty.

RIP Rasa, my friend.



Asoka Jayaweera


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Thank you both for keeping me informed. Sad of course but at our age, I am no longer surprised by sad news like this, and how often partners follow each other fortuitously?-Maybe.

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