Thursday, July 6, 2017

Remembering Mettha Muniratne, Gallege De Silva

Sad news

Gallege De Silva
07:29 (23 hours ago)
We in Melbourne have lost a dear friend who was a live wire in the Sr Lankan community.She leaves a large gap in our community. True to her name she was a kind, compassionte  person who was devoted to the Buddhist Society of Victoria.She worked tirelessly organizing fund raising activities for forty years and was quite talented  producing a some plays as well.I recall how she helped us to migrate to Australia when our country was consumed by civil war.She welcomed us to Australia sending her husband Muni to collect us from the airport in the early hours. When we arrived in the hospital flat she had a breakfast table laid out with fresh kiribath. Many recall such acts of kidness from her.She had a very successful solo General  Practice in the city and worked untill a few months prior to her demise.She certainly made the world  a better place .
May she attain Nibbana.
Gallege De Silva
07:39 (23 hours ago)
Sorry forgot to mention the most important  - Metta Muniratna's name after "sad news". My apologies, it is the amyloid  in my brain.

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