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Jaffna to Thirukketheeswaram via Poonekary, Sri Lanka, 2014

Sunday, July 6, 2014


In the early 1960s during our medical student days, five of us did a bicycle trip to Jaffna from Colombo. The route was via Negombo, Puttalam, Wilpaththu, Mannar, Poonekari and by ferry to the Jaffna Peninsula. It took us five days of bicycling at times rolling our bikes over sand or muddy soil and once hip deep in water.  The stretch from Mannar to Poonakary was over mud tracks. On an evening near Pallavaraayan Kattu near Poonekary we were warned by an elder not to proceed on the journey as wild elephants were active in the area. The bravado of youth did not listen to the well meant advice but proceeded on the journey only to arrive at Poonekary after the last ferry boat had left. We spent a miserable cold windy night in the jetty terminal.
We did part of this trip in the opposite direction in an air-conditioned van, on a well paved highway in June 2014. I have compiled this video from the series of pictures I took on the way.
Hope it shows you the rapid progress Sri Lanka has made in developing its infra structure.
Please click on the web-link below to relive the return journey done in June 2014:-

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