Thursday, June 14, 2018

Burns unit for the Jaffna Teaching Hospital


Int: Med Heath Org: ( IMHO) is a group od Docs, A/Cs, Lawyers etc; in USA, PURELY Voluntary, without any over head costs( except- may be for some expenses like money transfers. Have 'offices' all over the world with many with Tax Exempt status. They help & aid/ raise funds-  Not only in SL & other countries too.
The Burn Unit will need renovation of an old Space, equipping like an ICU style & other Stuff. Staffing & training in SL or India so on so forth. Prolonged Plastic surgery Care. All help is welcome. This will be the Only one at present in N&E.  I would  think in a Teaching Hospital is essential- it has advanced a lot- I would think there will be a lot of burn victims, children & adults in these areas.

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