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Burns unit to Jaffna Hospital


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There is no Burn unit in N &E of Sri Lanka. A young father of 2 was burnt in the kitchen a Month or so ago. He was the Sec Of the Alumni Asoc: of St Johns College Jaffna( where the Swim Pool is going to be built)- His Cousin. To the nearest Burn unit is 7 hours away by Ambulance- he was deemed not fit to travel. He died in about 2-3 days. They don't have Helicopters etc: So I got in touch with IMHO- we got the ball rolling. It has been an incredible progress & Journey. Lot of things seem to be coming together. Thanks to Landmark Education & Distinctions. I am speechless.
I am attending my Med Class reunion on July 7th- I had sent out an Email to them -Response was encouraging. THIS IS A BIG PROJECT- needs a lot of everything. No help from the Govt: Hopefully, his death won't be in vain. I am in SL now.
Love to you all,
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Date: June 22, 2018 at 12:33 AM
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To: "Kanaga N. Sena" <>, JEY GUNASEGARAM <>
Date: June 21, 2018 at 8:13 AM
Subject: Re: Burns unit to Jaffna Hospital

Dear Jey and Sena,
It is very encouraging to see the commitment and interest both of you are taking in this project.This is just to update you from this end.
I arranged a meeting this morning with Sathyamoorthy that was attended by Dr.Wipula Perera the local plastic surgeon.
We discussed the following.
1.Location for burns unit-Sathiyamoorthy gave an assuarance that one section of the second floor of the new Accident and Emergency block could be allocated for the burns unit.
At present only the ground floor and first floor have been constructed and due to open in August.However, he is confident that once cabinet approval is obtained (funding already in the pipeline) the 2nd floor will take only an additional three months to build.He seems optimistic that it can be available in December.
Under these circumstances both Wipula and I felt that it would be waste of resoures to renovate a temporary section before that.
2.Design of the burns unit. Wipula felt that for Jaffna a minimum of five beds in individual rooms was necessary but agreed that we can plan for a ten bed unit.Most burns victims are women (the men drive them to suicide attempts!). It will need a good bathing area as well as a good dressing area that can be used for burns inpatients as well as those coming from home for dressings.
Wipula said that Dr.Chandini Perera from NHSL would be very happy to help with planning the unit.Wipula has been asked to contact her and arrange for het to come to Jaffna in the near future for this.
I also suggested that since we can get help through well wishers that we try and equip it with the latest cost effective equipments etc. Sivamainthan from Brown University in Rhode Island said that his burns unit is an extremely good one and his friend there too would be willing to help.
3.Training for staff
To identify a few young enthusiastic nurses and Medical officers to be sent for training to Vellore possibly.Hopefull arrange this for October/Novemebr. I am at the moment trying to get details regarding costs etc from Vellore.We will obviously need funding for this.
Unfortunately Wipula leaves us on transfer in 6 months (he is completing four years here) but said he knows his replacement and will include him in the planning.

I will of course update Jey in person when he is in Jaffna.
Kind regards

On 10 June 2018 at 07:14, Kanaga N. Sena <> wrote:
Dearest Jey:
I 100% agree your thoughts. The reason I am awaiting the estimate for the total cost is as follows:
Since Dr. Sathyamoorthy has agreed to give some space for the burn unit, the construction costs will be much less. The rest would be buying what is needed, training the personal etc etc.
There many items planned in Jaffna area in the very near future including a pediatric Hospital in Inuvil and an eye hospital. Land has been already donated to the proposed eye hospital. So we are looking at many high cost projects in the near future. Then there are the issues of donor fatigue, how many times we could approach the donor again and again.
Considering all these factors, if the total estimate for the Burn Unit is small, what sort of donors should we approach, should we leave the high level donors for the major projects etc etc. These are some thought process going through the minds of the IMHO board.
The general thoughts will be that donors in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Sri Lanka will be able to have tax exemption for the donations. Please announce that in your July meetings. Before that I will get you the addresses where the donations should be sent to. Again please consider all facts.
Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm,
Warmest Regards,

On Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 6:51 PM, JEY GUNASEGARAM <> wrote:
Dear Sena,
I have been incomuniation with Thayalan. BCC when many are involved.
When People come up with Donations -It would be great that you all will be ready to accept it .
I find it, if we dont we may lose them later. I like to break the habit in delaying Collections
So Sena Please instruct us ASAP by Email How to refer them etc: I will also notify you.
I think it is going turn out great- easier than what we are doing ! We are reluctant to ask for Money. There is no one better way or time. One has to be sincere & believe in it. Collect it straight away.
Talk to few others have Units & seek best possible setup. - That would be inThayalan's hands.
Yours Sincerely,

On June 7, 2018 at 2:53 PM "Kanaga N. Sena" <> wrote:

Dear Jey:
I am glad you are very actively spreading the news of the upcoming project.
We don't have a budget yet. It will depend on many factors including
1. The cost of renovating a portion of the building.
2. The needed equipment.
3. Cost of training the personal which will be decided by Thayalan.
Without a rough number of the total budget  it is not easy to effectively raise funds, though your process of informing the potential donors of an upcoming project is wonderful.
Regarding Tax Exemption for the donation:
We have IMHO registered as a charity in USA, UK and Sri Lanka, it will be so easy and direct.
In Canada, we have IMHO Canada, but the rules in Canada (by the finance Canada which is the equivalent of IRS in the States) is so strict, we have to have a memorandum of understanding type of thing and do it. When the time comes we will take care of it.
In Australia we have have an arrangement with Australian Medical association, we will do it.
In brief summary we have provisions in various countries to have tax exemption to be applied to the donations.
Kindly consider including Thayalan in all your communications, as if he knows some of the donors it would be an additional benefit as well.
Thanks again,

On Wed, Jun 6, 2018 at 6:01 PM JEY GUNASEGARAM <> wrote:
I have also approached Somaskandan ( Former Captain -Tamil Union Cricketer) present SL Ambassador to Australia.-
I dont know anything will come out of it.
On June 6, 2018 at 3:51 PM "Kanaga N. Sena" <> wrote:

I will get back to asap.

On Wed, Jun 6, 2018 at 5:41 PM, JEY GUNASEGARAM <> wrote:
Dear Sena,
I am going to announce this at the reunion in July. Who should I refer any that wants  to Donate /help ?
You all have a Tax exempt Org: 
On June 6, 2018 at 3:07 PM "Kanaga N. Sena" <> wrote:

Dear Jey:
Thank you for your active recruitment and involment. In Jaffna there is a plastic surgeon Dr. Vipula Perera. He will be involved as well.

On Wed, Jun 6, 2018 at 4:54 PM, JEY GUNASEGARAM <> wrote:
Thanks Derrwik & Wedi
For your suggestion, hope some things could come out of it. I wish they would have included your email . Hospiytal needs a Plastic Surgeon( I am told don't have),  Training of Nurses Equipments & Supplies, an ICU type of Sterile ward etc:
Sorry I will miss you, my friend- My fall off your Motor Bike( when you took off leaving me on my butt on Road in Fort , & the Bus ride & flying fall, while talking to you on our ride to the reunion, when the Bus suddenly Braked, my son laughing- 10-15yrs ago !
Much Love to you & Renate.
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Date: June 6, 2018 at 11:48 AM
Subject: Burns unit to Jaffna Hospital

Dear   Batchmates.

At  the  request  of  Jey   ( Gunsie )  ,  I  am  circulating   this  note  to  all.
At  Derryck's suggestion , please kindly, circulate among our Batch mates, the dire need for A Burn Unit for Jaffna Hospital. The death of a 37 yr old young man with a family who was trying install a Propane tank for his Stove.
In N&E no Burn units, & couLd not be transported to Colombo or Kandy, who died within 2 days at Jaffna TEACHING Hospital. May be they will think about it, as they prepare to come to our Reunion OR while at home.
Thanks, for your consiideration.
Those  interested  ,  please get  in  touch  with  him.

E  Mail  address  ;

Mana Wedisinghe

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