Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Group photograph

Manasara Wedisinghe

11:15 PM (6 hours ago)

to Charith, Karunanayaka, Jayalath, Piyaseeli, me, Asoka
Dear  Nana.

Thank you for  your suggestions  and  encouragements.

I am  glad  to  inform you  that   a  decision was  taken  to go  ahead  and  arrange  to  take  a  Group  Photograph.

The  Photographer  will  quote  a  minimum  payment for  his  services.

We  will charge  Rs   1000/-   per  copy .

We  do not  know  how many  copies will get  sold.    If  there is  a  shortfall  between  the   money  collected  from the  sale ,  and  the  minimum   payment  required  by  the  photographer  , we  will   bridge  the  gap  from  our  funds.

Implementation  of  this  plan  will  necessarily  involve  a  lot  of  work

As  the  prime  mover  of  the  project  ,I  would  like      you  to   handle  it  and  take  responsibility  to  insert  names  of  the  participants  and  collect   money  in  the  sale  of  copies..

I  am  sure  Udula.Pathirana  will  give  a helping  hand.

What  do  you  think?



1 comment:

  1. Thanks Wedi for the update.
    Pleased to note you have finalised the plans for the group photo.
    Yes we will get the names added once the photo is taken. We need to meet with the photographer prior to the photo and the the support from Philip would also be very useful.

    You could put a note at the registration desk for easy sharing with the agreed plan.