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Burns Unit - Jaffna Teaching Hospital

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Dear Nana,
Sorry did not get back with you earlier. I was in transit to SL. Now getting over the Jet lag & I am also concentrating 2-3 Projets in SL.
Thank you for your careful thoughts & suggestions. They are all,Valid.
1. IMHO is globally known Have "offices" in various Countries. Based in US with MDs, a/cs & Lawyers.
Completely Volunteers. They work with many entities if they come under their purview.
Pearl H will tell you more I think. Her son a Famed Plastic Surgeon in UK Has volunteered too for this.
2. If you had followed earlier Emails- this  is planned methodically with the Jaffna Teaching Hospital, Dr Ambalavanar-
Gen Surgeon/Urologist, a SL Plastic surgeon ?Dr.Perera  . Awaiting more info to come in for, all the questions. One cannot have a more thorough Org, to handle it as IMHO. This is their speciality. They help in organizing - if any thing as this, they do it well. That was why I approach them 1st & requested to bring Dr Ambalvanar in to it.
Of course funding/help has to come in gradually. It will take some time with 'Govt involved'.
I will be glad to share with you whatever I know- as they come in. look fwd to any help.
I assure it is in good hands, I have worked with IMHO.
Yes we tend to forget that others- & assume that only the Sinhalese & Tamils exist in SL & contribute to our beautiful land.
Fond regards,

On June 15, 2018 at 1:29 AM Charith Nanayakkara <> wrote:

Hi Gunsie

Thanks for sharing this which in principle is an excellent idea.

These are my personal thoughts;
1. Do we know of any such similar initiatives undertaken/ completed  by the IMHO in any part of Sri Lanka so far?

2.  As this needs very careful planning, have you negotiated with the relevant specialties, Jaffna  Hospital administration & the Health Department for their joint agreement & approval?

3. Have you got any rough estimate of the costs incurred for completion of this project?

We could share these details with the surviving  batchmates  spread globally for their response and voluntary willingness to support this worthy cause.

Just a comment on our dear friend Derryck’s communications, We should also include our Muslim brotherhood in addition to Tamil & Sinhala colleagues.

Best wishes


Charith Sena  Nanayakkara

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On 14 Jun 2018, at 18:08, JEY GUNASEGARAM <> wrote:
Thanks Wedi.
Int: Med Heath Org: ( IMHO) is a group od Docs, A/Cs, Lawyers etc; in USA, PURELY Voluntary, without any over head costs( except- may be for some expenses like money transfers. Have 'offices' all over the world with many with Tax Exempt status. They help & aid/ raise funds-  Not only in SL & other countries too.
The Burn Unit will need renovation of an old Space, equipping like an ICU style & other Stuff. Staffing & training in SL or India so on so forth. Prolonged Plastic surgery Care. All help is welcome. This will be the Only one at present in N&E.  I would  think in a Teaching Hospital is essential- it has advanced a lot- I would think there will be a lot of burn victims, children & adults in these areas.
On June 14, 2018 at 7:58 AM Manasara Wedisinghe <> wrote:

Here is  a  note  sent by  Derryk  and  Gunsie.

For  your comments  please.

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Please, let me know you have feelings against it
I am cc to Derryck too. He would like you  to send the Email below to our Batch about his feelings re: the Burn Unit .


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