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Final Pricing of the Re Union

Dear Assa.
Once  you  receive  the  quotation  from  the   Jet  Wing Hotel  Group,  please  forward it  to  me.
I  wil  then  send  it   across  to  the    Leaders  Group   ( assuming  that  you  do  not have  them  in  a  seperate   mailing  list.)
Sad  that  the   responses  from  them  have  been   below  par  .
What  I  propose  to  do  is  to  send  the  list to   the   general membership   attached  to  a  e mail  letter   where  I  seek  to  get  the  following  information,   in  some  kind  of  a  tabulated  form.
The   responses  will be   1.  Name
                                      2.  Will    Definitely  attend.
                                       3.  Not  sure  of   attending
                                       4.  Definite -  No  Show.
                                       5.  spouse  attending.
                                       6.  Will attend   only   Day  session.
                                        7.  Will attend    Day +   Dinner
                                        8.   No  of   Dinner  tickets  required
                                        9.  Number  of  Rooms  requiered  for  overnight  stay

I  am  not  quite  sure  how  to  make  this  task  simple.

Any suggestions  will be  welcome.


Dear Wedi

Just a word of encouragement for all your efforts.
Do not get too disheartened with the poor response you have receive so far and lack of any apparent support.

Dear Assa

I feel the package you want to discuss ( esp the room bookings & the night Extravaganza ) appears relatively low in numbers and it would be advisable that you get few quotes for a minimum of say 30- 40 for which they may offer a reasonably better price package.

Almost all( if not all) those who would attend from overseas would need room bookings and all those who stay overnight would participate in the night Extravaganza ( even if they are not versatile dancers).

I also feel at least 10% of the ‘locals’ ( if not more) would be staying overnight.

Yes it appears that we have not received any responses from many of the ‘regular attendees’ especially from down under.
Unfortunately we do need to spread the news on a ‘personal’ basis and lot of net working both locally and globally.
Once you finalise your package deal amongst yourselves, you can then circulate amongst our batch mates appealing them to respond soon ( worthwhile giving them a dead line) with the basic information you require ( as tabulated by you).

We can always make it simpler.

Together we can all make this a great success but you would always realise that some are more active and supportive.

Best wishes and keep trying.


Charith Sena  Nanayakkara

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Dear Wedi and Piyaseeli,
Further to my long conversation I had with you, I note that Nana has  already responded to your email of 20/1, giving his thoughts on the current situation with regards to numbers and bookings. I have been in touch with him regularly, and agree with all what he stated about  numbers and quotes from the hotels. Hotels more often than not, will give slightly higher rates for lower numbers and tend to stick to them even when you may need to increase the numbers at a later stage. I agree it’s best to get a quote for dinner/ dance and overnight accommodation for around 40-45 as I am confident that those who come from abroad will stay in the hotel .
We need to persuade a few locals to stay in the hotel!

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I agree with Nana's and Karu's comments on the numbers for the "Night extravaganza". I will request my son's local PA who is doing the negotiating with the hotel to get the best possible deal for dinner - minimum of 40
                           rooms - minimum of 30 
if the planning committee are in agreement with these figures.

Manasara Wedisinghe

Jan 20 (2 days ago)

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Charith Nanayakkara

Jan 20 (2 days ago)

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Jan 20 (2 days ago)

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asoka dissanayake

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