Saturday, January 27, 2018

Finalising the Menus

Dear  Assa.
As I  suggested  ,  earlier  ,   you   make  the  choices   for   the  two  main menus   such  as   lunch  and  Dinner.   and    two snacks  for   morning  tea   and  cake  and  cookies  for  evening  tea.
The  final  approval  from  the   Jet  Wing  Hotels  will  have  to  be  obtained  before  the  end of  this  month.
Thereafter  we  will  write  to  the  membership for them  to see  the final  programme   ,  cost of  the  different components of the event  , and  the method of booking  hotel rooms  etc.
I am copyng this  to all  Group leaders.
Sooner  we  get on  with it  ,  better.

Dear Assa & Wedi,
The sample menus for lunch and dinner are OK
We have to select only the snacks.
As there may be some vegetarians, I thought Cheese&tomato sandwich, mini fish buns and vegetable rolls with tea/coffee for the morning and Ribbon cake, chocolate cookies with tea/coffee for the evening would be OK.
I am sure they will give a welcome drink on arrival. Better confirm it.
Best Regards,
Regarding  the  menus   for   tea  , Philip  and  I  would  be  happy to  have
Cheese & Tomato sandwich  +  seafood  Pizza  +  Vegetable  Roll    @   10.00  am
Mini Blueberry muffin  +  chocolate cookies  for  4.00 p.m  tea.
Piyaseeli  also  likes  more or  less the  same  ,,but  instead of  the   Vege Roll   ,mini mushroom  cabbage  spring  roll.
I  dont  think  we  need to  split  hairs  on  this  issue.
Assa  ,  you  make  the  final decision on it   and  we  will  get  on  with it.

Manasara Wedisinghe

7:46 AM (21 hours ago)

to Asoka, Chitra, Jayalath, Lukshman, Karunanayaka, Lucky, me, Piyaseeli, Udula, Charith

Jayalath De Silva

3:07 PM (14 hours ago)

to Manasara, Asoka, Chitra, Lukshman, Karunanayaka, Lucky, me, Piyaseeli, Udula, Charith

Manasara Wedisinghe

5:35 PM (12 hours ago)

to Jayalath, Asoka, Chitra, Lukshman, Karunanayaka, Lucky, me, Piyaseeli, Udula, Charith

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