Friday, March 23, 2018

Calling for written articles for Souvenir


Manasara Wedisinghe

10:05 PM (8 hours ago)

to Arjuna, Asoka, De, De, Dissanayake, Gunasegaram, Gunawardana, Hemachandra, Jayalath, Kaluarachchi..., Lukshman, Karunanayaka, Kasturiratne.T, Lucky, Makuloluwa, N.H.B, Nihal, me, Chandra, Piyaseeli, Piyasena, Priya, Pushpa, Reid, Rodrigo
Dear  Batch mates 23.03.2018

Calling  for  Written Articles  to be  published  in  the  Souvenir -  58th Anniversary  Re Union 2018

This  notice  is  intended  to  reach all   batchmates  whose e mail  addresses  are  known to  us ,   irrespective  of  whether ,  they intend   to  attend  the   Re Union    on  7th July 2018   or  not.

We  would  like  to let  you  know  that  a  decision  to  print   a  Souvenir , for   the  58th  Anniversary   Re - Union   has  been  taken.  

The  primary reason for  printing  the Souvenir ,  is  to  find   funds  ,  by selling  pages   to  advertisers.

Financial  constraints  limit us  to  print   a  12  leaf  document , in  black  and  white  only.  Colour  prints  cost  a  lot  more.

We are  sure  that  there  will be  some  space available  to  include  a  few written  articles in the  Souvenir  from  our  batchmates.    Hence we  request you  to  write  , on  any  subject connected  with  the life   of  the  medical  student  days. .  

We  will  endeavour  to  include  all articles   that  we  receive , but  you will understand that  the   first preference  is  to   the  advertisements.  

The  articles  should  be   limited  to a maximum  of  one page   of  A4   size with  a  margin  of  1”  all  round ,  which  makes it  easy   to  handle.

Please  send  your  articles  to  reach  us  before 30th  April 2018..

Email  address  :      or

Thank you  and  Best  Wishes.

Mana Wedisinghe                           signing  off   for  the  Orgniser Group

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