Saturday, March 24, 2018

Events photos & group photo

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Charith Nanayakkara

Sat, Mar 24, 2018 at 8:42 PM
To: Asoka/Ranjani Dissanayake
Cc: "M.P. Wedisingha" <2018reunionmedbatch1960"">, Jayalath De Silva , "M.G.S Karunanayaka" , Philip Veerasingham
Dear Assa

I am aware of the ongoing extra workload for the organisers.
I get the impression that some may not be keen to have a group photo as it may appear extra work load and possible extra costs.

We have always had a group photo and it would be a nice souvenir for those who can reflect and look back with some nostalgia.  As such, it is nice to plan ahead.

May I suggest a way forward.  We could approach a local photographer who you may be able to negotiate  a package where he could cover some of the activities of the day including the group photo and make a reasonable profit as well.

You could negotiate a deal with him to have a ‘photo booth’ to enable him to take photos of individuals/families/friendly groups which can be priced reasonable to be purchased  by those interested.

Some of the events captured could be included in a CD which could also be purchased at a reasonable cost.  Some of these could also be added onto our web pages to share with those  who could not attend the event.

Depending on the potential sales, the photographer may even offer  a reasonable contribution to the organisers for allowing him to have a photo booth on the day.
What we need is to provide a table near the entrance for his business.

The organisers will not have any other  added responsibility.


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