Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Seeking sponsorship to the event.


Manasara Wedisinghe

6:30 PM (10 hours ago)

to Asoka, de, Jayalath, Lukshman, Karunanayaka, Lucky, me, Piyaseeli, Udula
Dear  Assa.
I  read  the  note  you had  sent to  Mr Manjula Narayana.
Though it  appeared  very personal  , I  think  we  should   follow  a  simillar  stance  in  seeking   financial  support to  make  the  Event of  the   Re Union   a  memorable  one  to  the  participants.
I discussed  with  Jayalath  this  morning  ,&    we  jointly  decided  to  adopt  the  following strategy to  get sponsorships  from  Drug  Companies.
1. Use  the good offices  of  our  batchmates  who  are in  active practice  to  entice   Pharmaceutical  Giants   for
a.  Platinum  Sponsorship   @  Rs 100.000,00
                         offer  them    10 minuites  presentation
                          Banner   6ft x 3 ft
                          Table  to  display  their  products  6ft x3ft
b.   Gold  Sponsorship   @   Rs  50,000.00
                           Banner  6 ft x 3  ft
                          Table   4 ft x 3  ft   to  display  their  products
c.     Silver   Sponsorship   @  Rs  25,000.00
                           Banner   4 ft  x  3  ft
We  will   in  addition  to  the  above  Print  a  small  souvenir.
This  will  have  minimum  inclusions ,  such  as   welcome  note to  participants  ,  the  programme  etc.
We  will  sell a  full  page  insde  for  Rs 40,000.00     and   half  page  inside  for   Rs  25,000.00.
Backpage  we  will  give  for  Rs  60,000.00
Jayalath  has   kindly  agreed  to  handle  most  of  the  work,  but  our  collegues  will  have  to  find donors.
Would be  grateful  for  your  views.



10:29 PM (6 hours ago)

to Manasara, Asoka, Jayalath, Lukshman, Karunanayaka, Lucky, me, Piyaseeli, Udula
I am very impressed with your efforts Mana & KEJ and all our best wishes for a successful outcome.

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