Thursday, March 8, 2018

History of Medicine in Sri Lanka 1948 to 2018

The original excellent book was written by Dr. Uragoda, a distinguished Chest Physician, and a very prolific writer of Sri Lanka, to cover the History of Medicine in Sri Lanka, up  to 1948.

This  project started in the fertile mind of Dr. Lakshman Karalliedde, and was intended to cover the period 1948 to 2018.. He did about 80 percent of the ground-work to produce this invaluable book. It was handed over to the Sri Lanka Medical Association for additional inputs and financing by the WHO.

It is an excellent reference to study the advances made up to the year 2018.

Published by The Sri Lanka Medical Association, Wijerama Mawathe, Colombo 7.

Printed by M.D.Gunassena Publishers.

ISBN 978-955-9386-43-8

The book is priced at Rs.2000/-

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  1. Thanks for sharing Philip.
    We are pleased to hear the publication of such a valuable book on Hisory of Medicine in Sri Lanka by the foursome.
    Our sincere thanks to Karals, you and the other 2 co authors for all your initiative , efforts and hard work.

    I would love to read it soon. We can all be proud to be associated with Karals and Philip as our batch mates for their inspiration.
    Best wishes once again.