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Alumni Fund

Monday, February 22, 2010

email from Sujeeva

Sujiva Ratnaike

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I think an Alumni Fund is a good idea. The current Dean of the faculty, Professor Harsha Seneviratne I am sure would be enthusiastic . May be we could ask him if there is such a fund already that we don't know about and if he would help set such a fund up. I know him well.

Dear Nalini,
You have done a lot of basic work and at least now we have some idea of the problem on the ground.
Electronic Journals are much cheaper, and has the advantage of no storage space and don't walk ! We'll need to see about multiple-licence and the computer availability you mentioned if we go down that track. Lots to think about at the reunion. But the Alumni Fund is a brilliant idea and we must see it works,
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daya & nalini rodrigo

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Thanks Dawood. I do need more strength in my elbow - now that I have to carry two grand daughters! Daya double checked to see who's calling me "girl" - and not "old girl"!
Anyway after all the undeserved compliments I thought I'd better really do some research. So I spoke to :

1. The Librarian Miss Kuruppu who said they need more books, journals & if finances allow - an updated computer.
They have 24 computers in the library but some of them are used by the library staff. Students use them till 8pm. There is always a demand & the computers are now quite old & very slow. Hence the need for a state of the art one!
They order the core journals each year (BMJ, NEJM, Lancet, Surgery, Medicine, NMJ - 1 of each) which cost a staggering Rs 3 million a year! They would also like to have journals such as Social Science & Medicine & books like Kumar & Clarke.
The Library also has a separate ledger account where money can be donated for books.

2. Representatives from the Buddhist Brotherhood, FOCUS & Catholic Students Union who accept second hand books to be distributed among their needy students.

3. Student Sponsorships : About 25 new students qualify for sponsorships each year. The 2010 batch is expected to be admitted soon.

Food for thought :

1. If each of us brings just one book for the library that would be a whole load of books! They neednt be brand new - so long as its not an outdated edition. Last years BNFs would also be welcome.
2. Journals too - again not too old.
3. Maybe we could sponsor a few students - thats just $15 per month/student.


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