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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Colombo Medical Students financial assistance scheme - email from 'Kalu Nana'

Subject: Colombo Medical Student financial assistance scheme, update 2012

  Dear all

This is a letter I received from Dr Atapattu( chairperson/medical students
financial assistance scheme) from Colombo Medical Faculty.

This is the latest update re. the offer of regular funds to 2 deserving
medical students from the combined donations you all made in July 2010.

So far the monthly payments of Rs.2000.00/student is made from the interest
income with the total capital continuing to accrue interest at variable

The 2 students will continue to get the financial assistance monthly for a
total of 5 years(till they complete their medical student career) and from
the interest collated, 2 more students will receive similar funds every 5
years( and recurring).

You must be pleased with your efforts. Some of you may consider further
efforts to improve medical education in Sri Lanka in what ever way we can.
It may be worth thinking of a last will provision if not already done.

If you need any more details please let me know.

Best wishes



Saturday, October 23, 2010

email from Nana

Dear Piyaseeli & Wedi & all the Organisers

Many thanks for the very detailed minutes of the Organisers 'Post- Event' Meeting. I am delighted to note that some of the money left over would be sent to the Alumni Fund and Medical Student Scholarship Fund.This is wonderful news indeed.

I would be grateful if you would kindly let us know the contact details of those in charge of the Student Scholarship Fund & Alumni Fund. I am fully aware of the existence of a 'Medical Students Financial Assistance Scheme' held at Colombo University and I have kept in touch with the chair person of this Fund.We have raised nearly 6 lakhs of rupees ( thanks to the collective donations made by our Group mostly from UK but well supported by some of our batch mates from USA & Australia). This will go for supporting 2 needy Colombo medical students for 5 years ( & recurring).

Some of you may be aware of our efforts to establish a 'Colombo Medical College Alumni Association' following the 'Presentation ' made to the Dean & Senior Academic Staff in Colombo on the 1st of July. The presentation was made possible thanks to the valiant efforts by Nalini as our 'local rep' in Colombo. As far as we are aware, we have so far not been able to establish a Colombo Medical College Alumni Association but the present Dean Harsha Senevirathna is supporting us in our efforts & have assured me that he is working on it.

We are also not aware of any existing Colombo Medical College Alumni Fund but this is also to be established. We are working on a consensus to determine the aims & objectives, with clear guidelines for its administrative accountability, transparency and agreed aims & objectives.

If the Alumni Fund is already established, all the Alumni (not only our batch mates) could make their contributions for the welfare & betterment of the Colombo Medical Faculty, its Students & the Educational & other essential needs. We also do not have to proceed any further with our efforts.

Your comments are gratefully appreciated.


When Jayalath sent us a detailed statement of accounts, I sent a response to Jayalath & the Organisers (via the Blog Master but unsure if you had seen it. (I will attach a copy of my response dated 6.10.10 for your perusal but you can delete it if you have already seen it

(This is what I said on 6th October)
Dear Jayalath
Thanks for the detailed audited statements of accounts of the 2 ReUniuons held in 2005 & 2010.
This is very professional & indicates that you have missed your vocation- a chartered accountant. I know you are a very wealthy medical mudalali but you can still change?
The detailed statements provided confirms our strong belief -the extent of your combined efforts and valuable time put in by all the members of the organising committee to make the event a great success as it was.
Getting the projected estimated costs to be so close to the actual final budget is to be greatly appreciated & deserve our congratulations.
Few personal comments:
1. As recently commented by me, the experienced organisers can organise the next Get Together in couple of years rather than wait for another 5 long uncertain years.
2. Make it less expensive ( cost of Rs 350,000.00 approx is very expensive and I ma so grateful for all your combined efforts in raising the amount
3. Decision to charge Rs 1000.00/head as registration fees was very wise ( otherwise you would have run it at a loss)
4. I can see only Devi making an individual contribution of Rs 20,000.00 towards the costs. Well appreciated but why?
Excellent work. Congratulations once again on a job well done.

sena nanayakkara

Dear Philip
Pleasse forward the above document to the Blog

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