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Stories of Prof Milroy Paul

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Prof.Milroy Paul incidents - email from Prof S.N. Arsekularatne

15 May
Dear Philip
Whiile in Hong Kong, I read your interesting book Remembered Vignettes. Thanks for it.
You might recall a story about Milroy Paul.
He frequently had hydrocoeles, hernias, hydrocoeles and more hernias, and his attendant who was used to these started preparing the underworld of the patient on the table.
But the case was one of a goitre.
So Paul yelled at the man (I forget his name Lewis?)
Oya boley newei, Uda boley miniho

Milroy Paul lives fondly in our memories.

1.Once as a medical student Professor Bibile was cycling  along Kynsey Rd on the way to the operating theatre D,  late to be in the theatre by 8.00am.
Milroy travelled in his car  the same way and as he overtook  Bibile, peeped out and shouted ‘ You are fired!’

Not to be out done, Bibile cycled hard and was in the theatre by the time Milroy could park,  put on theatre boots contained in the car and get to the theatre! (He carried his own boots).
Bibile’s ‘fire’ was extinguished!
Milroy enjoyed such happenings!   

2. In the op theatre, ready to operate on the elbow of the patient lying on the table, he found the attendant lifting the patient’s leg mistakenly, thinking the knee was the site instead of the elbow.

Milroy shouted ‘ Uda danissa miniho, uda danissa!’

Source Matron Carmen Tissera when she was a student nurse.

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