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Get together, Habarana, 3rd July 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Scenes at the 'Cinnamon Lodge', Habarana - 3/7/2010

A 'wattle and daub' - 'Varichchi' - hut in the premises.
Grand-children at play in the 'baby-pool'.

email from 'Kalu Nana'

A Big Thank You to the Organisers and all others. 2010 batch get together is successfully concluded. Most of us from overseas are likely to have returned ‘ home’ and are recovering from varying degree of jet lag.Those who were fortunate enough to be present at the Event were truly impressed by the excellent organisation all round and the tremendous amount of effort, time and energy that would have been put in over many months.The program covered all the essentials to satisfy most of the participants even though it appeared very full.Amongst the highlights:
1. The transport facility in luxury coaches from Colombo to Habarana & return (for some of us)
2. Welcome cordeal on arrival at the hotel reception
3. Hotel accommodation with a fantastic array of meals, friendly and obliging staff and superb facilities
4. Innovative plans for participants to wear local apparel which added so much of colour
5. The most somber but dignified commemoration to show our gratitude to all our departed colleagues
6. The block concert and all its actors
7. The modified evening ‘paduru partiya’/sing song
8. The photographic session
9. The academic session with varied topics of interest
10. Opportunity for optional visits to places of interest
11. Gala dinner dance with the preceding ‘procession’ inclusive of colourful and talented Kandyan dancers
12. Superb buffet dinner of such great choice and variety
13. Plenty of opportunity for all of us to meet & greet or to get drunk
14. The production & supply of souvenir + paduru partiya song book- ‘golden oldies’+ CD+ souvenir
11 ( Friends,Dreams and memories) and few more items of interest etc.I was extremely moved but very pleased by the determined presence of Kamala in spite of all her disabilities ( proving the reality of frailty, uncertainty and the impermanence of human beings. Who deserve our sincere thanks and appreciation?
Our sincere thanks must go to:
1. All the members of the organising committee(Piyaseeli & Wedi,Rohantha,Jayalath,Ranjen,Geri,Durumila,Buddhadasa,Philip,Sivarasa,Nalini and Ranjini) led by energetic and ever smiling Sarath Kapu
2. Philip & Buddy for the commemoration presentation
3. All the actors( Buddy, Gerry, Heather,Lucian, Travis..) who took part in the ‘block concert’ & who made it so hilarious
4. Tissa K, Philip V and Ranjen F and Piyaseeli W for editing and compiling the souvenir,CD, 'souvenir ii' and the golden oldies.
5. Durumila K for getting the hotel bookings/accommodation at concessional rates
6. Ranjen F for arranging the transport coaches
7. Indu Chandrawansa & and all the hotel staff for their friendly service
8. Nalini for organising & chairing the academic session
9. The official photographers and Asoka D for organising the group photos
10.Philip Veerasingham for maintaining the web site and regular updates which kept all of us (attendees & non attendees) connected with the Event ‘live’Please forgive me if I missed out other deserving colleagues.May we have the strength, determination and the fortune to meet again in the near future as a very happy and as an extended family.

PS: Philip I have just managed to read your book. What a superb recollection of events with such philosophical outlook and humility. You have obviously missed your vocation. Good Luck and keep writing.
Best wishes

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Morning view from the cottage - upper & lower veranda - Habarana 3/7/2010

And so to bed on 2/7/2010

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