Saturday, June 24, 2017

Meththa Muniratna (nee Kulasekera)

Hello Philip,
It Is likely you did not receive my previous email of a few days ago. I had a wrong address.
Could you please circulate the following sad news to the rest of the batch please.

Meththa Muniratna (Kulasekera) passed away  a few days ago in Melbourne from acute pancreatitis. There was a shadow in the pancreas  of unknown aetiology under investigation. She has previously had pulmonary fibrosis.
She has been laid to rest at a private funeral. Religious ceremonies have been arranged for  Sunday and Monday 25th and 26th June.

Buddy Reid

6:51 AM (22 hours ago)

to me, 1960batch

Buddy Reid

14:50 (2 hours ago)

to me
Thanks, Phiip.
I  attended the Banna ceremony today. Our Melbourne batchmates were well represented.
Among the facts that were highlighted were that she has done an enormous lot of work for the Buddist Society of Victoria over  a 40 year period, was instrumental in establishing a monastery in Victoria and was the first non Christian Head Girl at Methodist College, Colombo.

Charith Nanayakkara commented on your blog post
Thank you Buddy for sharing the sad news. Most of you in Australia would have been close to Meththa & her family. Your presence would have helped Muni and the surviving family to tide over their grief.

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