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Sankaranarayana - Wedding of the second son

Friday, January 27, 2012


Hi Batch-mates,
I went to Ussapitiya on the Mawanella - Aranayaka road to attend the wedding of the second son of Sankaranarayana, our batch mate. Please look at the attached pictures. Sankar and his wife are in the first picture. Sankar's elder son, Sankar, the bridegroom, and the bride are in the second picture.

email received
From: kasilingam saravanamuttu <>
Date: Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 5:01 PM
Subject: sankar
To: Philip Veerasingam <>

Hello Philip,
It was good of you to have attended Sankars wedding.He looks well.I remember his eldest being delivered at GH,Batti by Sinnathamby the Gen Surgeon as the VOG was off. The foetus was in distress and Sinna delivered the baby with one incision going through the abdominal wall as well as the uterus!. It probably holds the record for the fastest CS still. Mallika was transferred from Pottuvil where sankar was the Medical Officer in charge.I met him briefly at our reunion, but he left early and I could not have a good chat with him.If you happen to have his em address or tel no:
can I have them please.

Hello Sara,
Sankar has no email address. He is computer illiterate. His Telephone No is 0332224301. He is working as Director in a private nursing home at Chilaw and comes home only on week ends. Mallika is always at home in Bandarawaththe, Gampaha.

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