Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The cry of the 'Devil-bird'.

Dear Colleagues,
A book written by me and edited by Dr.Tissa Kappagoda titled 'The cry of the 'Devil-bird' ' will be available for sale at our get together in Dambulla. This is a follow-up of the earlier book 'Remembered Vignettes' covering our days at the Medical Faculty.
'The cry of the 'Devil-bird' ' covers the various experiences of 40 years of Medical life of the author in Ceylon/SriLanka. I am sure you would enjoy reading this latter book. Pictures of the covers of the books are shown above.
Both books will be for sale priced at Rs.1000/- each, at the get to-gether in Dambulla.
You may like to buy extra copies so please get your copies early.
ALL 1000 copies printed  of each book SOLD OUT.
Sinhalese translation of Cry of the Devil Bird titled 'Yaamaye handa' - few copies left.. 

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