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emails of condolences on Dr. Sarath Kapuwaththe's demise.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lucian Wijetunga
16:56 (2 hours ago)

Please do convey our deepest sympathies to his wife and 

family. Sarah was truly a pillar of  1960 Medical Batch , 

Colombo. He was always in the forefront for organising

those fantastic re-unions. He will be sadly missed.

Lucian & Sri Wijetunga
Sriyani Makuloluwe
17:06 (2 hours ago)
Please note our new email address is:

Sriyani and I are deeply saddened by the loss of our dear friend. We had a very long, close friendship sharing many ups and downs in life. When we visited him in July we had a long chat talking about the good old days and having a laugh. I am pleased I introduced him into the committee of the Kandy Sports Club where he succeeded me as the president when I left for UK. He gave his all to the club even after he was struck down by his nasty illness. I am proud to say he did an excellent job and it appeared to be a lifeline for him. He’ll be sadly missed by my family. We extend our heartfelt sympathies to Kanthi, Shivi, Nango and Manisha. May he attain Nibbana!  
Loku Makuls
Kamalini Arul
17:40 (2 hours ago)
Very sorry to hear the sad news of Sarath. I like to extend my sympathies to his family. We were in the same dissecting group, he was such a tease, a bane of our lives. But always full of fun.

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Arjuna Ponnambalam
19:04 (47 minutes ago)
Dear Batchmates,
                             Deeply saddened to hear that 'Kapu' has passed on.Thankful to him; others for all the efforts taken to put together the many batch reunions we have had over the years.As an expat living in the USA since 1971, I have found these gatherings a great way to maintain our med school friendships.
                              I first met Kapu on entering med school. We would get together as a small group to study before exams, party thereafter; in general have a good time; it very much helped in offsetting the stresses & requirements of the medical school curriculum. He was always a positive &; cheerful participant ; a ready helper. Above all a great friend.
                              He had advised me of his medical situation some time ago &; he has gamely endured some years of hardship as a result. 
                              To him I say 'Rest in Peace my friend.You have lived the good life'

     To Kanthi &; family,  Our Heartfelt Sympathies, 
                    from Chandran; Premanila Ponnambalam & family.  

                                                                                              Ponna  [Chandran]


Charith Nanayakkara

02:24 (1 hour ago)
Dear everyone

It is likely that many of you would , by now, received the sad news of the death of Kapu who passed away peacefully in the early hours of Tuesday.

His funeral services are planned for Wednesday at 2.45 pm  in Kandy.

 We can only share our sincere thoughts with the surviving family at this time of their great loss and grief.

Please ignore this if you already received the sad news.



Charith Sena  Nanayakkara
Dr R.D.D. de Silva
21:36 (6 hours ago)

Dear Friends,  Our dear dear dear Friend Sarath !
It is with a very very heavy heart that I write this mail to you all. I was dewastated with the news, although he did tell me about it at our last get to gather. I did not however expect it so soon.
He was a very close friend of mine as he no doubt to many of you all too. He never had a bad word for anyone:  he always had an open ear for any of us, and he was always friendly and helpful. For this he had mountains of friends.
He was of immense help in organising the medical exhibition, in organising the visit of the British Council medical students and for so many other innumerable MSU activities including the final year trip. I do not have to mention the organising, with others, of the many get to gathers.  He was only a few of a kind.
I will, as you all will, sorely miss him.
I extend my very sincere sympathies to his loving wife and his daughters and sons-in- law.
Dear Kapuwa, you will be very sadly missed by all of us.
May you attain Nibbana.
Goodbye dear friend,
Derryck and no doubt all of us?
Rasiah Ganeshamoorthy
22:44 (5 hours ago)

Our heartfelt condolence to the members of Dr Sarath's Family.
From Dr.Mrs Jeya and Dr.R.Ganeshamoorthy
Asoka Tinto
23:02 (4 hours ago)
I am sorry to hear the news,  however Sarath is no longer suffering--this is a relief.  I send condolences to his family. 
May he attain Nibbana.

With all good wishes

Syed Ahamed
23:10 (4 hours ago)
I am deeply saddened by the news. He was my dear dear friend.  He was  close to my family’s hear at all times. Our sympathies to Kanthi, Maneesha, Sivo & Nango.

Syed Ahamed

Shanthi and Lalith Fernando
02:02 (2 hours ago)
So sorry to hear  the sad news. 

 Our condolences to his  wife and family. May his soul rest in peace. 

Sarath and his wife had been in Sydney Australia last year visiting their daughter and family.  Glad they were invited and had a meal  at the home of my niece Dr Ronali Perera ( Nee DeMel) and my sister ,while they were there.

Shanthi and Lalith Fernando


Sena & Sarojini

20:34 (7 hours ago)
Dear Philip

 Thank you for sharing the very sad news of the death of our close friend and batch mate  Kapu.

  We could only share our sincere thoughts with his surviving family at this time of their great loss and grief.

 He would be very sadly missed by his  surviving family,  his close relatives and  his friends and associates  alike as he was a very dynamic, active and  ever so helpful  colleague.

  Even during his last spell of his deteriorating ill health, he  was very alert, and continued to  show his  sincerity and companionship.

  As you say he was the live wire and showed so much energy and determination to organise all the Batch Get Togethers almost single handed and to the satisfaction of everyone.

  We could appreciate  on reflection, all his excellent qualities and we would miss him very much.

  Please convey our deepest sympathies to Kanthi and his surviving family.

  May he attain the eternal bliss of Nibbhana.



Gallege De Silva
04:31 (17 hours ago)
So sad to hear of dear Kapu's departure from our world. Our deepest sympathies to his family. He did so much for our batch, a true son of 1960 batch. We will miss him greatly. May he attain nibbana.
Chitra and GU de Silva
Kathir Nadanachandran
12:31 (9 hours ago)

Thank you for informing me. Very Sorry to hear this. May his soul rest in Peace.

Please convey my condolences to the family.


K Nadanachandran
Bala Balakrishnan
14:14 (7 hours ago)

To Kapuwathe family ,
Please accept my deepest sympathies may his soul rest in peace .
came to know him well during our reunion occasions
his involvement with our reunion organisation will be surely missed by all of us but will be remembered  for ever by all of us who came in contact with him during our time at college and there after.
NSW .Australia.

Please  accept our deepest sympathies. We deeply regret our inability to attend the funeral.

Nimala & Kasturiratne
22:38 (6 hours ago)
Dear Philip,
Please convey my heartfelt condolences to Kanthi and family.
12:52 (16 hours ago)

He helped us to keep the reunions,and camaraderie of the 1960 entrants.
Though we were like 300 in numbers his friendsip was personal to each and everyone.Two instances for me was how he found the time to invite myself and Punya alongwith Karals for an enjoyable dinner long years ago on one of our visits to S L.
On another occasion during our first reunion at Habarana when I  could not make him out,after his illness,he came straight to me from some distance to give that welcoming " slap" on the back.
Though rather persona,l I thought I should record this at this sad time for us to understand how lucky we have been to have such friends in good times and bad times.
Our sympathies to  dear Kanthi and the children.
May you attain the Supreme Bliss of Nibbana before long in this Samsaic Life.

Jay Summit

Thank you for giving me this sad news. I just now happened to view this news. Could you please adjust the 1960 batch records to show that my email is now changed to <>.and to always use this email address for any further communications by and about the batch. Would you also be kind enough to give me his wife's and his daughters email please

08:33 (10 hours ago)

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