Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Re Rasmuthaiah

Charith Nanayakkara

Hi Philip

I cannot open your web link.

You may already be aware that Rasamuththiah had died few days ago in Luton, unexpectedly and unknown to the family as , apparently, he was found dead in a nearby public park.

One of his sisters i understand is also in Luton but I do not have her contact details.

I have tried few of my friends who also had known Ras but none of them has had any contact with him for quite some time.

It is very sad indeed to receive the sad news of another of our batch mates( he completed his final mbbs later but was quite friendly with lots of his batch mates.

He did not join any of our batch get together sis but he did participate in various get togethers of different batches.

He was always a very friendly, helpful and a very outgoing person but became rather introvert in the last few years.

He was an old Bloemite ( original hostel) and was always ready to be helpful and sociable.

He would be greatly missed by his surviving family and his friends & relatives.

Our deepest sympathies.

Please share this with our batch mates.


Charith Sena  Nanayakkara

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Dear Philip please see forwarded messages. Are those email addresses not correct for you? 
I wen today for Betty's funeral (Ras wife). No further news. Formal identification of his body was postponed by the Police in view of Betty's funeral. They have given no details.
Will keep you informed. Ras stepson will be in toich with news and his cousin who I met.


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Dear Philip
Just to let you know that Rasamuthiah's wife died, funeral on the 13th. He then went missing on the 4th and his body has been found in a park. Body to be formally identified tomorrow.

Dear Ranjit, Grieved to hear of Rasmattiah's death. We used to meet him in London  when he was actively involved with Anula Nikapotha  re helping with patients in Sri Lanka and also on a few social occasions. He was a dependable friend who would always do what he could for a friend. Little is known of his editorial skills -he  used to edit the Law-Medical souvenir with his characteristic wit, ofcourse aided by cartoons by Late Lalith Mendis. He never failed to keep an appointment.One instance was his running behind the train leaving Fort station rather slowly at the beginning and jumping on to the last coach to meet his colleagues. May he rest in peace, Karals 

Lakshman Karalliedde

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to ranj_winna, me

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