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emails received on the get together at Negombo, 2015.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dear Philip, 
It is about time  Vijita and I joined in to say thank you very much to you, Duru, Sarath, Ranjini and all others who organised the get together. It was such a good event. We have noted the suggestions for an annual event -maybe at least in two or three years and not five!! We were so pleased also to meet all your family!
Love and Best wishes to all

Vijita and Anula

Hiranthi Perera
10:13 (19 hours ago)

to me
Hiranthi and I apologise for this very belated thank you.
The organisation was excellent, and the warm and sincere friendship of each to each other was very evident and tangible.
We are very blessed that we have such a special batch,and an even more special organising committee, who have given so much of their time and effort to make each of these events so memorable.
May God Bless and protect you all, and hopefully we will meet again soon, while we are still physically and mentally able to do so.

With our sincere thanks once again,
Hiranthi and Travis.

Hi all,
As children, some of us had months of growing excitement about the nearing of Christmas..  Then we have all the fun on one day; opening presents, eating too much, and in later years, drinking too much and then snoozing on the sofa..  Boxing Day was a let-down.  I presume the arranging of your daughter’s wedding (we didn’t have the privilege of doing it) was the same.  Any one who has organised any event would have gone through an year of planning and anxiety; the day comes and then goes in the blinking of an eye.  Guests enjoy it but had not lost a bead of sweat or an ounce of fat from anxiety.  The 50th Anniversary was no different.  All of us attendees had the time of our lives, and then went about our routine activities and daily chores.  I wanted to write immediately to each of the organisers, but alas I moved away from the arena of fun and action, and never had the courtesy to write and congratulate and thank the organisers.  Belatedly, the chain is moving; it may be a rollercoaster.  But I now join those who have openly expressed their thanks to the organisers.  To me it was special; I had attended only one, the one we organised in UK to mark 25.  The enjoyment I had in June from meeting, trying to recognise, then swapping stories from our past far exceeded my expectations.  Yes, the organisation was fab and of the highest order. Turning up alone for this get together was an anxious and worrying predicament.  Watching the pictures of our colleagues, my dear wife and many close friends, listening to the trilingual musical accompaniment was a tear-jerker.  I cherished the unimaginable friendship and support from Bella’s friends.  The get together was memorable; but for me, for a very different reason.
So belatedly, I join the others to thank each of the organisers for giving up their time, and working damned hard – just for us.  Though I would definitely attend the next round of festivities, we cannot expect the same group of workers to do it again in three years, two years or one year, just for us
Thanks guys

Sunil Liyanage,
Waverley Court, Wentworth Drive, Virginia Water, GU25 4NY
07850 497190   01344 844208
  email from Sunil Liyanage

Received emails - re 1960 entrants Batch get-together 2015

 Received emails

1. From Nadanachandran
Dear Philip,

Trust you and your family are well. Thank you for speakink yo my daughter Shankari. I got your 3rd book from Murugappa Chettiar in Chennai early this year. He had come on a lecture tour to the businees community and was presented this along with another book. He found it very absorbing and well written, a sentiment I totally agree with.

Shankari has been in touch with your publisher.

I know I have been missing the exciting get together you have so well organised. I would have come this year as MR is not in power, bur had earlier arranged to go to Canada to see my sister.

I would very much like to be there nex time.

With best wishes,


Hello Nadana,
As we grow older the memories of the tears, fun and laughter of our young days come streaming back. What a wonderful time we had. Your work to help the disadvantaged is music to our ears. I put this in the CoMSAA Blog which I edit.
Please click on the following web-link to see it.
You could go through the older pages of the blog which I maintain.
Wishing you all the best.

2. from Chandran Ponnambalam
A belated but nevertheless sincere thank you to All who organized our 50th year since graduation reunion. I had a wonderful time & it was well worth the long journey. Since return,  got tied up with some home commitments  until I saw some recent thank you letters & felt I should chip in as well.
             Thank you again & hope we could meet again in the not too distant future while we are still in the departure lounge!
                         Many blessings to all of you,
                                                       Chandran Ponnambalam

 3. from Weerasinghe Somaratne

Email from Weerasinghe Somaratne

We actually feel that after such a brilliant get together our batchmates will have no hesitation in making the event once an year. The main purpose  is to meet again while the sun shines. All the very best Somaratna and Daphne.



00:13 (6 hours ago)

to me

Dear Philip, We must say a very big thank-you for the lovely time we all enjoyed at the recent get together. Almost everyone we came across said it was the best. Thank--you Philip and your efficient organisers... My wife Daphne and I would like to make a small suggestion towards this great and important event, Why cant we have the get together annually instead of every 2years. After we have reached our 50TH anniversary, this is simply food for thought. Trusting you and family are all keeping well. Please do keep in touch...Yours sincerely, Weera   Dr S. Weerasinghe and wife Daphne..

Hello Weera,
Thanks for the email. We all enjoyed  the event and it gave new life to all of us. I will circulate your message to the Batch. If you have any interesting photos of the event please send them to me by email. Wishing you and Daphne all the best.

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