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Commencement lecture for the Batch of 2010 - Faculty of Medicine, Colombo - 6th August 2010

  by Philip G Veerasingam.

I was requested by the Faculty of Medicine Teachers Association, Colombo, to give 'The Commencement lecture' for the 2010 Batch entrants, to the Medical Faculty. This was 50 years after our batch of 1960, entered the same Medical Faculty. It was a 'Cap and Gown' affair, with the associated ceremonial parade. I chose as my topic 'The call of duty' and gave a presentation with Power-point support. It was commented on by the academic staff, as a 'fantastic presentation'. I am including a few photographs of the event.

Please click on the web-link below to see the Power-point presentation on Youtube:-

Thursday, August 12, 2010

emails from Karals and Tissa re 'the lecture'.

email from Karals
7th August 2010
To both,
I am beginning to see dreams in day light- where credit is given when it is due and some professionals at least - most importantly teachers are realizing that there is more to impart to students than the path of the sciatic nerve. We are very proud of you and I consider it one of the most philosophically pragmatic presentations I have read. Philosophising is all what they do sipping whiskies-you have blended philosophy and the teaching of the MASTERS to the practice of medicine, learning etc. I am delighted that Tissa's painting would remain a symbol ad infinitum - of dedication and loyalty to an institution that nutured us- Well done to both, proud to be with you on many a venture.

Email from Tissa8th August 2010
Dear Philip,
 I had the opportunity to view your entire presentation only today.
It brought together all your philosophical musing that you tried
to convey in the two books and it would have been a great talk for
the students to hear upon graduation. Careers are measured in
terms of what you have done for others in contrast to wealth
acquired. Congratulations!
I wish you had mentioned that you were planning to use the picture
when I met you at the reunion. I would have been more than happy
to give you the original for the purpose. If the Dean agrees I
suggest you exchange the original for the copy you gave him - I
can mail it to you by Fedex. I could also send you a CD
containing the picture and I am happy for them to use it for
whatever promotional venture they wish.
All the best,
 Email from Nalini & Daya – 13/8/2010
Dear Phillip,
CONGRATS! Great lecture - very philosophical & inspiring!Who was in the audience? - Faculty & new entrants? Maybe you should give it to the final years too.D&N

Email from Imelda – 13/8/2010Dear Philip, Congratulations . No doubt, I am sure our batchmates will be very proud to know that you were invited to address the incoming batch. It is an honour you really deserve and could not have come at a better time than 2010 the 50th year of our entry to med school. Regards Imelda

Email from Sujaee Tinto – 13/8/2010
Dear Philip,Brilliant. The call of duty is what the younger generation need 'to know about'. I was also impressed with someone called Piyusha who spoke to Nalini about giving back(to the Motherland). It is great to see so much 'awakening' among the youngsters. This country is bound to grow in strength and unity with folk like you and Nalini leading the way. I am SOOO happy.Love and many blessings Sujaee

 Email from Nana - 13/8/2010
Dear Philip
We are very pleased indeed with the honour they bestowed on you by inviting you to to deliver the Commencement Lecture.
The academics seem to have enjoyed very much but it is most likely that the medical students would have been even more impressed and fortunate to have someone with such high esteem and humility giving them the guidance they really can emulate.
We are very proud indeed to share this honour as batch mates.
Best wishes

Email from Karu – 13/8/2010
My dear Philip,
Congratulations on delivering this year’s commencement lecture. As a batchmate and a close friend I feel proud that you were selected for this.I have no doubt knowing you as well as I do [your dedication to hard work and meticulous nature] and reading all those books etc that you would have delivered a fantastic speech.
I wish I could have been there to listen to it in person, I am less fortunate from that point of view, however I feel that who were there were more than fortunate to have listened to a memorable lecture.I certainly hope it would enable them to train themselves to become good doctors and above all good citizens of Sri lanka.
Congratulations once again,

Email from Milroy – 12/8/2010
Dear Phillip,
I was very impressed with your presentation and felt privileged to have known you and having been a batch mate. I forwarded the presentation to my two children
Kind regards

Dear Milroy,
Thanks for the comments re the lecture. It was really the formative years in the Faculty of Medicine in our times, which shaped our outlooks later. The interaction with my batch-mates went a long way towards shaping these attitudes.
Thank you once again.

Email from Daya Jayasinghe 13/8/2010
Dear Phil,
Yout lecture is fascinating.Our batch is honoured by what you spoke.I wish we had a similar introduction at our admission.Its what you do that matters. In 1956 melbourne olympics in a long distance race an Aussie athlete witnessed a close rival fall. He stopped helped him and continued the run and won it. Later he was appointed Governer of Vivctoria. 
Best wishes,
Daya J.

Hello Daya,
Thanks for your comments re the lecture.
It was the caramaderie and interaction with our ‘Batch of 1960’, that shaped our out looks in life. I am indeed indebted to the batch for this.

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